Mission Missoni for Target

At midnight last night I was actually in bed *surprise* but awake on my iphone checking the Target website to see if the Missoni stuff was available yet. Nothing so I went to sleepyland. This morning I stirred around 6:40 am so I checked again *I literally slept with my phone in my hand, you ever do that?* and the site was down. I did see an article online about how the Target pop up store Missoni launch in New York sold out in like minutes. Anyone who knows me knows that I only get up early *before 9* for the few following reasons: I have a flight to catch, I am going to Disneyland or Olivia has a pediatrician appt *which tomorrow she has* so I woke up around 9:15 and got straight out of bed because today is Missoni day! I had to go to the post office *which in retrospect, I regret going to first* to send an order of chalkboard signs *etsy shop plug* and mail Carlos & Stephanie’s marriage license *IT’S OFFICIAL!*

So it was 9:59 am when I walked into my local Target. I knew it was a bad sign when there was no shopping carts in the front of the store. Women were literally running in the store. It felt like Black Friday when the crazy people try to buy that one flat screen tv at Walmart for $200. This is what I saw when walked in…

Believe it or not I was actually hopeful when I saw those fugly coats left because behind there were some sweaters. I should have known better cause they were all Mossimo

In the home furniture department…
There was a woman at the registers with a black and white Missoni suitcase and I heard people saying they would buy it from her in the parking lot. I saw about 8 women with their shopping carts filled to the top with Missoni stuff, shoes, clothes, rugs, pillows, frames. They gathered in a circle and were trading stuff among each other. I walked past them several times hoping they would set aside something for me to grab but they just grinned like Cheshire cats with pleasure. They know they hit the jackpot. They pretty much cleaned out the shelves and I heard one of them say, “I grabbed the last blanket out of the Target guys hand when he put them out” Bitch! It was so hard not to grab her cart and run away. I decided to go upstairs to and see what was going on in the childrens clothing section.
Well, hello there!

I know, Missoni cape jackpot right? however they were $43.99 each and all size large in big girl.

It may look like there’s tons of stuff but it is all BIG girl sizes. Now normally I would’ve grabbed everything off those racks so fast and ebay them in a heartbeat, but I spoke to the woman who checked me out told me that even with all the looney business happening today, in a few weeks folks will start returning stuff and it will all go on clearance. That’s when I will strike. Strike hard I shall! But don’t think I walked away empty-handed. I found some treasures in Liv’s size that I am very pleased with.

Liv seems to like her new clothes

I don’t even know if I am ready to take the tags off. It’s like the time when I took my Grandma’s wedding ring when I was in middle school and accidently left my precious heirloom in a soap dish at a Coco’s restaurant in Palm Springs.
Mommy did good?

3 thoughts on “Mission Missoni for Target

  1. Hi, my name is Katie, I came across your blog while on babycenter.com looking for Birthday Party ideas for my baby girl. Let me just say that this is the best blog I have read. It's so interesting, I have taken almost the entire day to read through the whole thing starting from the beginning. You are a very talented, fabulous and creative person and have inspired me. I love your taste, and your little family is adorable…I have two toddler boys and a 1 month old baby girl(We were considering the name Olivia for her but ended up with the name Jasmine).

  2. Hi Katie,
    WOW! I am so flattered. Thanks lovely. Jasmine is a fantastic name. I haven't been on Babycenter since my laptop died *I'm sure you read about it* but I love meeting new people through blogging. Do you have a blog? What type of birthday are you thinking about? Theme? Thanks so much for your rad comment, made my day!

  3. Hi,
    No I don't have a blog yet..I really need to work on getting those creative juices flowing. I'm thinking about maybe 2 different blogs. One would follow my normal life and another would follow the search for my ancestry past my great grandparents. On my maternal side my great grandparents came from Sweden in the early 1900's and I still have cousins there. On my paternal side my grandparents came over here in the 1950's from the Ukraine. I really adore Europe esp Sweden, England and France.
    I really want to come visit LA soo bad(I always have)..it sounds awesome. I live in Dallas Texas and its nothing like LA..of course we have our own unique things and lifestyle but LA just sounds so cool and interesting from your blog..so many things. Like the blog you wrote about the restaurant that serves cereal and grilled cheese. I think that's so rad..
    I'm also a fan of classic movies esp with the actress Ingrid Bergman..I was obsessed with her on my younger teen days.
    I would love to email back and forth sometimes..I know your quite busy but my email is kballar2010@gmail.com instead of posting comments back and forth on here, lol. I have an android phone which is why I have a gmail account and its synced direct to my phone. If you'd like to look me up on facebook you can use my main email to search to bring me up right away which is kjbo_2005@yahoo.com.
    I'm also an only child, 5ft10 and wear size 10 shoes. My hubby is from Kenya and as I mentioned before, three kids, 2 boys and a new baby girl. She's only 6 weeks old and I'm already planning Her birthday party..haha..I was thinking fair/carnival theme, or cupcake themed or garden themed. Its so hot here in august(her birthday) so maybe even a water theme.
    Well I hope you can drop me a line soon! You are seriously an inspiration..so glad I found your blog.

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