Queen of Lagging

Why has it taken me 3 days to upload my Solvang pics??!! Lame, sorry Liv is first priority and for some reason it takes about 3-4 minutes per photo to upload so it’s been quite tedious. I still have tons more to add but I thought I should post what we did yesterday before I forget. Liv and I went to the bank *tons of fun!* since we need cash for volleyball today *SO EXCITED TO PLAY!* Since we were out and about I looked up what farmers markets were going on and there are very few *only 3* so we decided to try the West Hollywood fm. Oh and speaking of Hollywood, I feel bad because Nic & Ale invited us to come to his apartment so we could go to the Hollywood fm on Sunday morning and he wanted to take us to a place that sells BACON, yep, BACON GELATO!! Lame, we’ll go next Sunday for sure, we were just too tired and needed to clean our house. So on the drive to Hollywood I took a detour to Carroll Street since Liv had never been there before. I LOVE Carroll Street, it feels like your on a movie set *tons of movies have been filmed here*











These Victorians are the oldest in the city. The entire block has late 1890’s Victorians and they are all protected as Historic landmarks. It’s really funny how the entire surrounding neighborhood is super scary and gross but this jewel is so well hidden on top of the hill. Carroll Street is like a bit of San Francisco in Los Angeles. I took lots of pics but since I had just gotten my car washed *benefit from getting up early*







I didn’t want to roll my windows down so some pics were taken through my windshield. I could’ve stayed there forever but I had to get to the fm before 2pm so off we went. I found the market easily but dude, how is a farmers market that is held in a beautiful park *Plummer’s Park* end up so lame?








Boo, Mommy, this farmers market is lame!







It was super small, no good stalls, even the music sucked and no pretty flowers for Liv’s nursery *her spider Mums are on their last petals*. I guess Monday is not the best farmers market day after all. I needed to nurse Liv so I went to a nearby Pavillions for some light shopping and BFing. We got home around 5ish *after stopping by Antz job to drop off Story’s birthday present*. She power napped and I ate lunch. She woke up and we read My first Spanish Words and she gave me a look like, Mom you are saying it wrong, HAHA! I talked to Aimee about our two biggest desires, the first is we want to hire a French tutor and split the cost *yay, at least I’ll have someone to speak French with* and the second is we want to take a road trip up the coast to Sonoma County *she wants to go to Half Moon Bay and I want to go to Big Sur*. Ideally, I would rent an Airstream but we may just take Antz Element and stay at bed & breakfasts.

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