Our awesome day of Yumminess!

As I was trying to get through my list of chores for this weekend

1. Laundry *sofa cushions, Liv’s pajamas, bath towels and egg rug*
2. Organize kitchen drawers and cabinets
3. Wash kitchen floor
4. Go to Target
5. Clean out the refridgerator

Antz told me he wanted sushi for lunch so I can’t turn down a request like that! As we were getting ready to leave Antz nephew *our favorite* Dion and his wife Evelyn called to let us know they would meet us at the restaurant. We were like yay, see ya there but leaving our house proved to take much more time than we thought so 2 hours later we talked to Dion again and they were delayed so we decided to pick them up *since they sold their cars to go to the Peacecorp next year {how fucking rad are they?}* so we went to Little Tokyo for Tenno sushi. OMG it was super hot but we had a great time at Tenno *I had an yummy drink called a Peach Island*

After we I pigged out, we walked around the Plaza checking out our favorite store Pop Killer where I fell in love with these gnarley sunglasses but sadly I didn’t buy them.

Since it was so hot we decided to head to South Pasadena for ice cream at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy. I love that place, it’s so retro and they have the cutest toys.

This is a mega ridiculous banana split, I stuck with my regular yummy root beer float.

There is a gorgeous interior design store House of Honey that I don’t dare go into next to the Dinosaur Farm that has the prettiest pieces I have seen outside of Anthropologie.
Everything in this store is on my wishlist. So we went to our house to hang out and feed/change Liv. She began to fuss so we took Evelyn & Dion home and she was happy again. We had a great time with them, I am hoping to see them as often as possible since they will be in South America for over a year *so lucky* and I want Olivia to remember them *we’ll be using Skype with them*. I am super tired and everyone else is asleep so I’m gonna try to finish watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof *love it* and then off to bed!

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