Wishful Thinking

Lately, I’ve been consumed with the idea of selling our house and moving into my ideal neighborhood, Atwater Village.

I get an idea in my head and it festers until I become neuroticly obsessed until I get what I want *ie: my dream wedding took 1 1/2 years to plan, it took 2 years of open houses and 13 written offers before we bought our house and it took 3 long years to have our lovely Olivia Lily* so I know this too will take plenty of time, sweat and tears. I know what needs to be done to get our house in selling order but how will we get approved for a new mortgage in today’s economy? Another issue is the house I want to buy isn’t for sale and if/when we are ready to buy how will I get that particular house when it’s not on the market? My best friend Aimee says I have “the Secret” power to get whatever I want but this is one time I’m not 100% confident my “Secret” will work in my favor. Luckily I have a 4 year timeline to make it happen.
On a shorter term wishlist…

Wouldn’t it be delightful to see Blonde Redhead on their last day of their European tour at Shepard’s Bush in London?? Oh well, I could settle for taking Liv to see Yo Gabba Gabba! Live at the Nokia Theater in downtown LA on November 28th. I asked one of my friends who worked on the show but they aren’t sure they can get tix so I may have to buy some next week *althought lousy seats are left and I want the VIP package that included pictures with the cast*

I am thinking of taking Liv to Disneyland for Christmas but should we go all out and stay at the Disneyland Hotel for a few nights *so we can take naps and feed her easily* or wait until next year when she’s older and she’ll appreciate staying at the hotel more as a toddler. hmm…

Since the winter season is fast approaching, will this be the year I take on #6 on my 30 Before I’m 75 list? Well, it seems unlikely being that we don’t have a formal dining table *or respectable dishware for that matter* and I haven’t achieved that level of Domestic Goddess yet. Although a nice way to get closer to it would be to take a cooking class at Sur la Table at the Americana.

sorry, it’s lunchtime for Liv and I’ve got a grilled cheese sandwich with my name written all over it….

I have returned, so as I was saying, the end of the year is approaching and there’s a few more things I’d like to do before we say Bonjour to 2011.
I really would like to have Antz Mom spend the night/weekend at our house to spend some time with Olivia. Problem is our house isn’t currently prepared to accompany her *our air mattress has a major hole in it* and she is super uncomfortable outside of her house *she is like a fish out of water* So I’d like to get our air mattress repaired/replaced and set up in the living room for her and then somehow convince her that she’ll have a blast staying at our place *she doesn’t have air conditioning so there’s noway Liv could spend the night in this weather*.
I also need to work on Liv’s photo albums and video. Now I said I was going to start on her video montage a few days ago but it’s not as easy as it seems. I discovered I do not have the video editing program on my laptop that Antz used to make this masterpiece so I’ll have to enlist him to make the video for me *with my creative imput* but he’s stumped on how to speed up parts of the video *of us building her nursery furniture* and setting it to music from itunes. I also need him to format the photos for me to print for her scrapbook, I printed her weeklies to show Victoria last week and they came out dreadfully.
Our lovely is 17 weeks today!!
Friday we are going to visit our doctor Evans to show her Liv. I am considering baking lemon bars tonight but Olivia has been Miss Fussypants so it may not happen. We went to volleyball last night *so rad* but this time we dropped Liv off at Leslie & Stephen’s *Godparents* to babysit for us. She was wonderful with the exception of a 30 minute spazz out that freaked Leslie out. She has been super crybaby lately *boo* There was an awesome thunder/lightening storm *too bad I didn’t get a picture* a few hours ago that has me concerned about a possible earthquake. I started our emergency kit when we first moved into our house 4 years ago but I think it’s in the garage and needs to be completed. What a total procrastinator I am!

6 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. Morning Darling!
    First, I must say, I'm the same way as you about once I get my mind set on something that I want, it bugs the hell outta me and I obsess over it until I get it. Always big things like, moving and suck so I can totally relate on your obsessed desire to move to AV. I'm really wanting to move to Atlanta but right now, it's not financially feasible. But you bet I will totally find a way to do it before Lily gets to the age where it's time for her to start school. I REFUSE to have her go to school down here *south florida sucks for schools*! I'm sure you'll accomplish your goal of moving to AV, just be patient and keep goin!
    As far as Disneyland, I've been wondering the same thing. I wanted to take Lily to Disney World for their Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party thing (if you haven't gone, you must!) but is she REALLY going to enjoy it at only 6 months? I sorta want it to be a tradition, but, what's the point if she's not going to enjoy it yet? I just don't know! B/c it'd also be hella cute to get pics of her w/the characters though…
    And I TOTALLY think you can figure out a way to do #6 on your list! If you're worried about the cooking part, I have some helpful tips & shortcuts if you want them! I made a Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner for my fiance, his mother, our roommate, and a few of my fiance's friends last year. In total, for Turkey day & Christmas, I had 8-10 people. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I believe in ya, girl!
    Anyways, that's about it for now!
    Your blog fan,
    Leeann =)

  2. Hey Leeann,
    Yay! I love that you share in my obsession disorder *because I'm driving my husband crazy bringing it up every minute*!! I think I'll wait until next year to attempt the big dinner *I can't boil water*. There are many things I rule at *I never get lost, I am the official IT tech in our house and I have pretty decent handwriting* but God did not bless me with the ability to prepare a yummy meal. I really want to take lessons at Sur la Table *when I build up enough courage* and hopefully by next Spring we'll have a dining table and chairs and maybe even some pretty dishes to serve it on. Send me your blog link, I couldn't find it on your profile. I say let's go to Disneyland! The pictures will be adorable and I haven't been since Easter of last year. Next year we have to swap, I'll take DisneyWorld and you bring the fam out here for Disneyland, lol!!
    Happy Happy!

  3. As amazing as it would be to be able to go to Disneyland in December this year, I don't see that working out so wonderfully financially. Unless, of course, I win the lotto between now and then! Maybe I should start playing… *fingers crossed*

    My blog's link is http://lifelaughterlovelessons.blogspot.com/
    Let me know what you think! =)

    And yeah, our men will NEVER get our obsessed ways.. I've come to accept that! haha

    If you don't do Thanksgiving dinner at your house, then what will u do for thanksgiving? U can always come down to my place (haha) in Sunny South FL (even tho I hate it here, I try to sell it best I can.. haha) and have Turkey dinner w/my clan! haha I plan to try to go ALL out this year! We'll see how well that goes. No fancy dishes over here, but, the group I have doesn't care. They'd eat with their hands on the table if they needed to.. (Not tooting my own horn, but I can cook. Or at least follow a good recipe VERY well! haha)

    Have a great night!
    Leeann =)

  4. Yumm, we are definitely planning to take Liv to DisneyWorld so I may take you up on that cooking offer!! 🙂 I'm checking out your blog now. I told my hubby about you and he said GREAT now you have someone to talk to about the million of cute things you show me in one day!! Haha, my poor hubby, I totally made him part girl, he reads my tabloid magazines and watches Project Runway and Top Model. *eep*

  5. Awww, you told Antz about me?! I feel so special now! hehe BTW, side note, I saw the video of you on Price is Right! TOTALLY awesome! I wish I coulda met Bob Barker. He seems like a totally badass dude! haha And I will totally make room for you and the fam @ my table if you all ever come down this way! Awww yay! =) I love this time of year!

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