Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 3

Wowzers, it’s already been 3 weeks since the debut of Mix Tape Fridays…where does the time go?
I have to keep it short but sweet this week, my hubby is on his way home and we have a walking date in *of course* Atwater Village!

The first track is a prime example of when I love a band so much I play them in my car, on my ipod while I clean the house, I play them while I do my hair, in Liv’s nursery, in Antz car, at my Mom’s house, I put it on Aimee’s nano…you get the idea. I play the song to death, although I can’t get enough of this one…it totally reminds me of Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade

“Less Talk More Rokk” Freezepop

The next song is a band I’ve featured before but they are so awetastic *yep I made up a word to describe them* I never get tired of them. And they sound so lovely in Olivia’s nursery.

“Waiting for the Moon to Rise” Belle & Sebastian

This next song is a surprise to me because I am adamently anti-radio *with the exception of KCRW* mainstream music but after seeing her perform at the Mtv Video Music Awards  *and loving her* I immediately downloaded this from itunes *I actually thought she was a drag queen*

“Dog Days” Florence +the Machine

I am a big Flight of the Concords fan and this next song is an indirect reference to them via a film called Eagle vs Shark starring Jermaine Clement. I love the soundtrack and this next band as much as I love cake!!

“Hitchcock” Phoenix Foundation

This next band is pretty solid. I am still kicking myself for passing up an opportunity to see them live *for free!!* a few years ago while I was in Beauty School. I thought I was too cool at the time and I’m hoping to see them soon.

“Paco” Ladytron

Sometimes I get nostalgic and I play my *Old School* playlist and this one is super sentimental to me. Being the child of the 80’s I am, I’ve been constantly playing this band. I was in extreme love with the lead singer Michael Hutchence *so sad when he died* and I was postive I would play “Never Tear us Apart” at our wedding.

“I Need You Tonight” INXS

Here’s my mandatory Björk tune of the day!! I am super excited to post the inspiration of my Blog’s name. I love this song, it seriously puts me in a happy mood. I also love this video, I love her SOOOO MUCH!!!

“Violently Happy” Björk

We have played this next song to death but to be fair, Antz loves this band *as much as I love Björk* so I must indulge him. He loves the piano intro and we have attempted to learn it on my Mom’s piano *he plays better than I do* We saw them live in San Diego for Antz 31st birthday in 2006 and we really didn’t enjoy it. It was a general admission and outdoors so we had to sit on the grass for hours before the show started and once it did, everyone was pushing and it was so crowded we didn’t have fun. I was particularly bummed they they only did 3 of my favorite songs because I didn’t recognize any of the other ones *But I’m an old, bitter lady*. I am hoping to take Antz to see them at a more mellow venue *with seating* with a smaller crowd.

“Fog” Radiohead

The random song of the day is an inside joke between my friend Jessica and me. We used to go to school together across the street from LA’s Hare Krishna community so they would play this guy alot. I played it for Jes when she graduated as a joke but now she is totally into this guy in a serious way. I still think of her when I listen to him. Disclaimer: I am not a Beatles fan *with the exception of Yellow Submarine*

“My Sweet Lord” George Harrison

And now, my song of the week. I have been so sporatic about my listening choices but this one has been in heavy rotation for 2 reasons. Last month you saw Olivia’s video with Antz making her laugh. He was singing this song to her because I was playing that band in her nursery all day. and two, my ipod car transmitter just died *yeah, the one I bought back in July!* so I have been forced to listen to CDs in my car and that particular CD has been playing alot. I loved this band since 1999. I love a great swing band and I really hope to learn how to swing dance one of these days. This makes me sad that they closed the Derby in Los Feliz last year.

“Put a Lid on it” Squirrel Nut Zippers

Now I must skeedaddle… Have a great weekend!

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