Baby Gap Casting Contest

Late last night after we came home from volleyball I tried to catch up on some shows on my dvr since I only have 3% memory left *still haven’t seen last Sunday’s Mad Men* so I hit the bed hard while Antz was up late using his laptop. He finally came to bed but he woke me up to show me what he was working on. He said he had to re-format Olivia’s photo to submit for the Gap Casting Call Contest. I am a bit bummed because he had to crop it so small that he cut off her right foot and you can’t see Totoro in the photo.

As you can see the quality of the photo sucks!! Well, I should be happy we got her photo submitted before the Oct 24th deadline but it seems that I can’t *nor any of my facebook friends* vote for her because the site isn’t loading. I am super frustrated because Antz can access the site fine from work but I’m sure that’s due to his internet connection speed. I downloaded the Gap Casting Call app on my iphone and it still won’t load. We think it’s just heavy traffic *everyone wants to vote for their own kid*. The fan favorite in the lead has over 12,000 votes!!! I have no idea how we can beat that number, even if everyone I knew voted, we’d still be far behind. The top kid is cute but I’m not blown away. I’m not one of those my kid is better than yours types, I saw 5 girls that are super adorable that I would vote for but then there are some submissions that I was like….really?…ummm ok! I guess I have to ask all my friends to vote at 4 in the morning or something.
Enough about that, today my neighbor Carol is stopping by to see Liv. We just keep missing each other *when I’m on my way out, shes on her way home and vice-versa* so we saw each other today and set a time. She’s a film costumer so I want her opinion on how to *break* Liv in the business. I just finished baking cookies so I love the way the house smells. I’ve been hanging out in Olivia’s nursery so I wouldn’t mess up the bed since I cleaned the house this morning.

I love how Lola always takes over the bed when it’s just made like it’s hers. I want new bedding so bad!! I love the great bargain we got on this Liberty of London set but I think there is too much green in the room. I love this set but I should know by now *after my dog & cat ruined my last bedding set* I cannot maintain white bedding. I still want new curtains as well but Lola has a penchant to clawing the curtains when she’s upset. I don’t mind her ruining the ones we have now but I have no way to stop her from clawing the new ones. *Damn pets!*

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