Adventure Sundays the Barbie Edition

On the way to Culver City *our old town* we stopped at the park in Downtown LA because we saw a bunch of tents and about 10 food trucks. It was some kind of Mexican Festival but there was hardly anyone there. We checked it out but I wanted to get to Royal/T before 5 and it was already 2. These 2 girls went nuts over our baby girl and they were nice enough to get a shot of all 3 of us.

*Boo, I guess I reached the max photo storage on Google {a whopping 1 GB} so I just had to purchase annual storage and it won’t be in effect for 24 hours* SADS!!

This really makes me want to start a raised garden in our backyard*only problem is, I hate veggies, I ate dirt even more and I wouldn’t want to make the effort to take care of it. I just want to have the full grown plants and reap the benefits without the work*

Well, how do I put this? I LOVED Royal T, I was literally like a kid in a candy store. I had great expectations for this place and it was soo rad! Antz and I were worried it would be an uptight place that didn’t allow photography but the second we walked in this cool chick greeted us and we asked if she would mind if we take pics. She was like, Pssh, take as many as you like! This month’s exhibit was Andy Warhol and Barbie *swoon* I was freaking out when I saw they had the same Barbie Dream House I got for Christmas as a kid.

*Sidenote: How rad is my Mom’s 1970’s speaker pod chair??!! I remember napping in that guy. It totally looks like it’s from the set of A Clockwork Orange*

 I want this in my living room sooooo bad!

I ADORE Johnathan Adler!! We have his bath accessories in orange but I want this set!!!

This is the dining set I want from West Elm…well not exactly but super close.

Yeah, that’s me and a bottle of $861 Dom Perignon!
There were some awesome Cosplay waitresses and one of them wanted to know where I got my bunny ears. I was like Target, it’s the best!! Antz bumped into someone from work and we stopped by to say hello. I cannot tell you how rad this place is…art gallery, shopping, restaurant/bar, visual arts space, a private room *the Dom Peri room* and another art gallery in the back. I am now obsessed with throwing Olivia’s *not sure which year* birthday party there. I basically turned into a Japanese aninme character.

I wannit NOW!!! 

Sushi jewelry *YUM*
This Japanese treat was offered to me, I thought it was mochi *japanese ice cream* but Antz tried it and said it was gross so I tossed it. *Egads, my eyebrows!!*

So after Antz dragged me out of there we went to have lupper *see what I did there…lunch+supper=lupper*
I convinced Antz to try Johnnie’s Pastrami because I wanted chili cheese fries and he never eaten there before *I’ve been with my Mom a few times* It took forever to get parking and the place is half the size of our house, so it was pretty packed.

Papa’s multi-tasking!!

I LOVE her face in this pic…..*so in love!!!*

I am not a fan of pastrami but Antz is so he was really skeptical. I told him this place is pretty famous for it’s french dips so he tried it and he liked it…

*Why is this our favorite song right now? nerds!*

He said it was yummers and I had my fries and a hot dog drenched in chili and cheese and a root beer float *so yum* I couldn’t finish it all and I thought I was gonna barf from being so full.

We were going to hang out with his Mommy but we were so full we decided to come home. It’s rare for us to get home before dark so we took advantage of it and watered the backyard *yay us* and I pumped a bottle for Liv *thanks Mother’s tea*. Next week my Mommy is coming into town and she wants to go to Sedthee again *sweet*. I don’t have much planned except spending Thursday with Aimee and Friday Antz is off and we’re taking Olivia to the Underwood Farms pumpkin patch. I am bummed I can’t upload my pics but they are super mega awesome fantastic!!!

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