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By stuffed I mean close to a food-induced coma from the grilled lemon herb chicken, buttery mashed potatoes and ginger spice rolls Antz made for dinner. Well, I haven’t blogged in 2 days *AGAIN* not that I’m too busy being fabulous or working on a huge project I will be revealing, just nothing interesting has been going on and I have been absolutely spent. *MEGA LAME* So Tuesday we went to volleyball but this week I invited our fave Nephew and his wife to come play with us. As I’ve *jealously* mentioned before, they have joined PeaceCorp and will be leaving for South America in a few months so I love to spend as much time with them as I can before the go for 18 long months. Luckily we will stay in touch using Skype and facebookie. Did I ever post about their FABulous wedding  in May 2009?? It was such a rad day, I did the bride’s makeup and she looked impeccable *no help needed from me!!*

Evelyn is just stunning!! She gave a new meaning to bridal glow.

Seriously, she is effortlessly beautiful AND she has a beautiful personality too!!
It was a understated but colorful event. The venue was perfect. *tear* I LOVE weddings!!
I sooo love Dion’s socks *you gotta coordinate!!*
The wedding was so much fun but I learned something that day. NEVER! I repeat, ever wear a strapless dress to a wedding!! I look naked in about 50% of the pictures I took 🙁
I seriously thought I was the Hawt Sauce in this ensemble. I was so excited to go to my first “Garden” wedding, someone call the fashion police. My hair turned into a vision only Carrot Top could love the second I got outside!!
So unsexy! Poor Antz

So Dion & Evelyn joined us at volleyball and we hung out with them for a bit and picked up our darling daughter from her Grandma’s house. Olivia has been going to bed quite late *our fault, we keep her out at all hours* so it’s making it harder to put her to bed on time *8:30 – 9pm* She has been sleeping through the night so that has been lovely. I have to pump bottles *for when she goes to Grandma’s* in the early morning because that’s when I get the best results. Yesterday my Mommy dropped by for like an hour since she was in town for a day. She babysat Liv for me while I made a quick run to Fresh & Easy *what an exciting life I live!* As Mommy was leaving Aimee & her son Holden came by. My Mom saw Aimee’s hat *you’ll see it in a second* and now she wants me to buy her one from Urban. I made a deal with her, I’d order it for her as long as she bought one for me *score Lizzie* So I’m getting one of these guys…

Liv wasn’t feelin’ it but I want one in brown. Who wouldn’t want to look like a grizzly bear is laying on their head? It’s absurd how much I love this hat particularly because it looks like a hat you would wear ‘a huntin’ and I LOATHE hunting!! My dilemma now is, grey or brownie? Aimee has grey, my Mommy is getting grey so I wanted to be different and get brown but grey would look super rad with my clothes. I can’t stand being a copycat and I know Aimee will wear hers at the same time I will and we will look majorly dorky in the same color hat. On another note, I am traumatized by how much I want these Seychelles Wrap Peeptoe Heels for the holidays.

The best thing besides the $98 *did you detect the sarcasm there?* is that they are Seychelles. I have 3 pair of Seychelles shoes and they are the comfiest *totally made that word up* heels I’ve ever worn. I would love to get these guys Matiko Ankle-Wrap Wedge

but Antz gets pissed when I tower over him *he calls me a Drag Queen* and I’m bummed they cost $178. I went to Gilli’s today, AHHHH! I missed seeing her soo much. I am going to start seeing her regularly again but I need to figure out a schedule that works on Tuesdays since I’m dropping Liv off at her Grandma’s when we play volleyball anyway. Problem is, I would have to leave her there almost all day and that means lots of pumped bottles *and hurty boobs for me* 🙁 I need to see Gilli for so many reasons but mostly need the meditation/uninterrupted relaxation hour. Well, I would go on and on about this week’s trip to Target but it is so boring I am putting myself to sleep thinking about it. I also need to watch this week’s Project Runway even though my money is on Mondo to win *I like Andy best*. I want a gay boyfriend…whaaa!

*Sorry this is the only pic I have of me at acupuncture, I took it myself with one hand using my old iPhone so I look demented*

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