Pumpkin carving

Geesh, I have been so boring lately. Last night Antz carved our pumpkins and I was falling asleep as he did them. I need a boost, thank goodness I’m seeing Gilli Thursday because I have been drained of energy for weeks.

We started wanting to do a silhouette carving like in Martha’s Book but it looked better as a pair and we only had one large pumpkin.
I wanted to buy a carving set from Martha but Antz had a “whittlin’ set” my Mom gave him when we were in Apple Valley. Works like butter!!
Taking out the guts, so muh fun!
We decided to go with what we love, and we LOVE BROBEE!!!

Since I wanted my white pumpkin to last until Thanksgiving, we didn’t cut him. Antz drew a creepy face but it somehow ended up looking like Jay Leno *I hate that guy*

This guy was in a contest at Antz job a few years ago…best pumpkin ever!!
Not much happening this week. Today is volleyball *yay* and I’m dropping Liv at her Grandma’s house then going shopping for a few things. I really want to get my car washed but it’s been rainy so it’s staying dirty. Olivia will be 20 flippin’ weeks tomorrow!!!
 Thursday I may drop by Aimee’s after I see Gilli since her son, Holden is in town *he’s getting braces*. Like I said, I’m boring!!

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