Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 4

That’s right, Mix Tape Fridays is back and better than ever! I sound like an Infomercial but I just downloaded a bunch of stuff from iTunes this week that I am excited about.

This first one is more of an Antz favorite. He has a penchant to what I like to call “Music to slit your wrists to”. Pretty melancholy, sad-sack tunes *hence his love of Radiohead* But I can’t say I dislike this chick. I downloaded her Covers album and it’s pretty rad

“Troubled Waters” Cat Power

I have liked this band for a few years now. They are definitely on my bands to see live list. Groovy tunes.

“Golden Skans” Klaxons

Sometimes I am in the mood for some happy music. This band is pretty mainstream and this is what I consider an “oldie” but they aren’t too annoyingly trendy *or maybe they are*. Oh well, I’ve been rockin’ out to this song all week.

“A-Punk” Vampire Weekend

Nothing makes me happier than a sweet 80’s tune. Aimee & I are both pretty much obsessed with the movie 16 Candles. I know every single song on the soundtrack but I just downloaded these guys yesterday when Aimee came over. We were totally geeking out!!

“If You Were Here” Thompson Twins

Contrary to popular belief, I am an undercover Rockabilly chick…I like a bunch of psychobilly bands and enjoy partaking in East LA cholita fashion, example: *ok, bad example, can’t seem to find the photo I had in mind, but here’s me and Flav*

“Haunted Cathouse” Nekromantix

I think it’s blasphemy for anyone to even attempt to cover a Björk song *I’m looking at you Thom Yorke* but Aimee brought a cover to my attention that I didn’t throw a major eye roll at. It seems that Björkie was being honored and Swedish pop singer Robyn *who I loveeee* sang a tribute to her. So hauntingly pretty, I am looking for it on iTunes!!

“Hyperballad” Cover of Björk by Robyn

So of course Antz & I have been playing ridiculous amounts of Music is Awesome but this is not your ordinary kid’s singing “the farmer and the dell”. There are such amazing bands *The Shins, Ladytron, Of Montreal and Biz Markee* to name a few. I fell in love with this band from watching YGG, I would be interested to hear more from them.

“Listen” Paco

Let’s get in the spirit of Halloween with some Nightmare Before Christmas covers. The first one is a chick I adore and had the privilege of seeing live a few years ago. Too bad she only puts an album out once every 4 years. She’s a total recluse/weirdo but her voice is fantastic.

“Sally’s Song” Fiona Apple

The next NBC cover is a band I really like *Antz can’t stand them* but I really love the lead singer Brandon Flowers *but only in a gay way*. It’s as pop as I like to get.

“This is Halloween” Panic at the Disco

And now, the song of the week!! I have massacred this song. I play it non stop *much to Antz dismay*. Since it appears to be covers week *not intentional* Here’s a cover of a song I normally didn’t like *not a fan of the original band* but the band covering it is super rad!! I love their take on it, so melodic and whimsical. Give me anything with an orchestra and a singer who can actually sing and I am happy happy. Yay!

“When You Were Young” Cover of The Killers by The Noisettes

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