The Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

Tonight Antz took me to one of my favorite eateries, Alcapulcos in Atwater Village. I was cramming chips and salsa down my throat so much my jaws hurt. So we decided it would be wise to take a brisk, evening walk after our meal. As we were sauntering down the boulevard, I joked to Antz that guy in the Vietnamese noodle restaurant looked like Bret from Flight of the Conchords. Antz said THAT REALLY IS BRETT!! I did a serious double take and indeed it was Bret McKenziein *my* Atwater Village slurping noodles. I smacked my forehead and said D’oh because I foolishly left the Nikon at home *didn’t think I needed to schlep it around* and I wasted the battery on the Canon Powershot taking pics at Alcapulcos so my only option was my crappy iPhone camera. I asked Antz to take a pic but it didn’t come out so great.

He kept urging me to go inside and ask for a real picture but I really didn’t want to disturb his meal *or his 2 friends*. We seemed to be the only folks fawning over him and suffice it to say, we spent an hour walking back and forth past the window. I tried to casually video him but it came out terrible. If you haven’t heard of FOC please watch the following video *watch it even if you have heard of them, if you please*

Well, I chickened out on yet another celeb photo op. BOO! Tomorrow we are meeting Carlos & Steph at his studio in downtown *so excited to see it* and shop for accessories for my Halloween costume. I am sort of bummed because our friends are going to Knott’s Scary Farm but Antz & I have been almost 10 times and we are pretty burnt out on it.

Sunday Antz sister, Debra is babysitting Olivia while we go to Paramount to see Paranormal Activity 2. I am sure it’s going to creep me out because it shows a little baby being tormented by a demon *EEEP!*

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