Getting Down in Downtown *Boy, was that lame*

Ok, sorry for the corny title but today we met Carlos & Steph in his clothing studio in Downtown. Carlos and his friend has a men’s loungewear line called Necessary Baggage *we went to their launch party back in January* For years I have wanted to check out a loft in downtown and today I got my wish. Carlos’s studio is just a few blocks from Mac & Cheeza. His place is super rad..

Carlos’s building *sooo awesome, marble everywhere*

Looks like my kind of place….I need a snack town in my house!!
These stairs were amazing but they gave me vertigo

I love this antique sewing machine. I wish I knew how to sew!! I’ll be hand sewing my Halloween costume tomorrow.

I adore treasures like this fabulous mail box, why don’t they make cool stuff like this anymore?
 Carlos’s clothing line *Buy some for your guy, they are super cool!!*
This is my absolute favorite building in downtown, I want to live there *in my pretend life*

We shopping for fabric for my costume *love the neon animal prints*
I love this fabric, so creature-looking. I really want Antz to be Brobee or Dj Lance for Halloween but he is still undecided.

That is one fuckin’ huge bag!!

Check out the Antoine Dobson sunglasses *I should have bought them!!*

Antz made these super rad caricatures of them for their wedding programs. He is so amazingly talented *swoon*
Well, I have tons more pictures to upload to flickr so I’m calling it a night. I am really looking forward to seeing Paranormal Activity 2 tomorrow, Aimee saw it with Holden tonight and she said it’s majorly scary. I am definitely a screamer so I will be breaking Anthony’s hands and sleeping with the lights on!!
I leave you with my Homeboy…so you can run and tell dat *haha*

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