Paranormal Activity 2 *was a bust*

Yesterday we went to Pasadena to use a gift card I got from the Right Start. Since we were in the area, we stopped by my favoritest store in the world *which of course is Anthropologie* to check out the kid’s clothing line. The saleswoman told me they always have kid’s clothes at holiday time so I know they are out for a limited time. Hopefully, I’ll score some good stuff on sale *which she won’t be able to wear for a few years*

Me having my typical Anthro freak out, I love to sniff everything!!!

It was so difficult to not buy everything in this corner!!

I love this hat for Liv!!

I tried to get my jump photo of the week but Antz couldn’t get a good one of me. I had to take one of him since he told me I needed to improve on my jumping skills. I am convinced it’s my photography skills that captured this awesome jump!

So we were looking for where to eat lunch and I wanted Bob’s Big Boy for brunch *that’s alot of B’s*
however Antz wanted Chipotle so I gave in. We hadn’t eaten there in a while and I wanted a quesidilla.

I can’t get enough slobber kisses!!

We finally bought the Fisher Price Vintage toys I’ve been wanting for some time now for Liv’s Christmas presents.

Since I had a gift card I was thinking of getting her a Bumbo seat but The Right Start only had a Bebe Pod by Prince Lionheart.

We had to put Liv in it because although the box says 3-12 months we along with the sales ladies agreed she’d definitely outgrow it by the time she was 6 months. We also made the discovery that based off of Liv’s height, she may be outgrowing her car seat soon than expected. I really like this convertible seat from Clek that we can take to London since it folds as a backpack and it got great ratings on Amazon.

I also picked up some Diaper Dekor refills and more Mustela moisturizer *love how yummy it smells*. As we were leaving Antz mentioned that they didn’t have any Yo Gabba Gabba! toys so I got the brilliant idea that we need to make an outfit for Liv to wear to the show in November. Crafty Antz said let’s go to Michaels and get some felt and I’ll make a Brobee shirt. We picked up the felt *for a whopping $3* and made it home in time for his sister Debra to arrive to babysit Liv.
We rushed to Paramount and just missed the first 5 minutes of Paranormal Activity 2 *but we didn’t miss much* We saw the first one and I thought that one was much scarier since it was original and we didn’t know what to expect. The second one was just a lot of the same with a lame ending. Almost everyone in the theater hung out until the credits were over expecting more to happen *a bunch of nothing, so I guess that leaves it open to a part 3, BOO!*
We went home and Debra had made spaghetti for us for dinner, so we ate and had some red wine *Yellowtail, I believe* and I made cookies. Deb hung out for awhile which was fun and we had a nice time. We had a chance to catch up on our DVR shows and made it to bed before midnight *hence no post last night* Another quite boring day in my life but I am perfectly content. I am smacking myself for slacking on sewing my fabric for my Halloween costume. I also just found out that not everyone from Antz job was invited to the party this Friday so we don’t know who will be there *LAME* If noone we know is going we just might slag it off and stick to our original plan of Trick or Treat on the BOOlevard in Atwater Village. Although, there is a high possibility that Nick Jr. characters *crossing my fingers Yo Gabba Gabba* may be at his company party and I can never pass up a photo op!! You know what’s sucks?? I had this Brobee pillow in my Amazon cart and today I checked it and the price went from $16 to $30!! *LAME TO THE MAX!!*

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