Halloween 2014

Liv rocked her Rainbow Dash My Little Pony costume. This year was a rad one!

I bought the Rainbow Dash hoodie, socks and rainbow tutu from Amazon. The t-shirt is from Target. I am so happy she didn’t go as Elsa, there was at least 15 of them at her school!


I wanted to do something easy, comfy and pretty this year. I found this incredible make up tutorial and used my floral crown. Easy Peasy!

I didn’t do my makeup as elaborate because I knew I was going to have a long day with many events so the minimal look worked best.
Oh Deer!

I went to pick up Antz Mom and her sister so they could come to Liv’s Halloween party at her school. I stopped by Starbucks for a caffeine fix and look who I happily bumped into…

Monsieur Patton Oswalt!
She was so excited to see them!
I made apple slices dipped in caramel for the party
This guy was a hit with the kids. I passed out Halloween stickers and the kids were equally terrified and thrilled by it.
Next stop with Antz company party which never disappoints.


Kim wins as Bob Ross “Happy Little trees guy”
Stupid Flanders


My favorite costume of the day!!

We dropped off Liv’s Grandma and Aunt and headed over to Carroll Avenue to trick or treat. Wouldn’t you know after months of a severe drought, it rained all night. We went to as many houses as we could before the downpour.

What a perfect and fun Halloween! Je suis tellement heureux, il a finalement plu.

Halloween 2013

The morning began very early, Antz sister Debra came over to have Antz paint her face for the raddest costume ever.



Of course she won first place at her office costume contest. Yay Debra van Gogh!!

Then we headed to Liv’s school for Trunk or Treat. Here’s our trunk.

Liv’s class had a bake sale *Her BFF Liam’s Mom baked all these goodies*
Ruby’s costume is so awesome. Half Glinda, half Wicked Witch of the West
Liv’s bestie Liam and his Mommy
Liv’s class Yellow Dragons
The kids love the talking skeleton guy
We ran out of candy *Antz had to run to a nearby store*
Liv’s lovely teacher Ms. Crissy was Mary Poppins
Love this little dude
I spent a lot of time explaining my costume to befuddled folks *No, I’m not a robot!*
Mrs. Ana’s husband is a brilliant DJ. He played a rad Thriller remix and Halloween songs in a hip hop/big band remix. I was dancing all morning!
Liv and Senora Renae *Darn early morning sun!*

The funny thing about Liv’s costume is when she puts her vampire fangs in, she stops talking. After 2 years of nonstop chatterbox, it was the weirdest thing for us to not hear her talk for hours. She was really good at signing what she wanted.

Liv stayed for school, Antz went to work and I headed home to clean up and clear the photos off my camera *this takes forever since my laptop memory is still full* Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Liv and go to Antz work for another costume contest.

I left my camera in the car *d’oh!* and none of my iphone photos were decent enough to post *well, here’s one*

My preggo Story and a Liv photobomb

So I’ve stolen a few of Antz and Natalie’s so I can show you how amazing the costumes were.

Bonita Nina Frida!
Keith always brings the radness! Cobra Commander
How cute is this?
This guy won best costume *there’s a person in there*

We had just under an hour to chill at home before we went back out for trick or treating. We went to Carroll Street in Angelino Heights this year. SO RAD!!!


The Thriller house
This guy owns the Mad Men house *nice guy*
Pretty sweet costume *I love originality*
The houses were so breathtaking
This guy is my favorite, doesn’t even need decorating
For some unknown reason a lot of my photos had these white spots on the but only one Carroll Street *me thinks there were spooks about on Halloween*
This dude scared the heck out of us. He wasn’t even trick or treating, he just stood around looking creepy. We just knew he was going to murder us!

What a stellar Halloween. Liv has so much candy, we won’t run out until next year.

Nickelodeon Halloween Party 2013

Last night we went to Nickelodeon company party. Here’s the photos *Hooray, I was able to upload them!*

Liv wanted to be a vampire
I went for an easy costume this year *Candy Crush Saga*
Antz was a Minecraft Ninja Turtle
My game was playable
One of the several mazes *transformed conference rooms*

Breadwinners Maze
Getting ready for Halloween Party #2 tonight

The little kitchen that could!

Good morning lovelies!

It feels like an eternity since I’ve blogged but I am back and with exciting news to share! Our sweet little cucina made her debut on theKitchn this morning. I can’t help but cringe at our before photos, yet it’s funny how so in love I was with that awful orangish/yellow kitchen when we first bought our house seven years ago. I really, really love my new kitchen.

That fabric swatch we picked up at the Ban.do garage sale has really functioned well for us! A steal at $7!    
I’m normally not a huge fan of blue but I love how the colors pop in such a neutral palette.

It would be rad if you head over the theKitchn and leave a comment on what you think.

Enough about our kitchen, I finally have some photos I salvaged from my Instagram since I still can’t upload any to my laptop *so lame!* Last weekend we went to Liv’s good friend Jianna’s 5th birthday party at an indoor party place called Scooter’s Jungle. It was super fun, the adults were playing just as hard as the kiddos. Here are a video of us being dorks on my Instagram, Super slide.

Ready to party!
Antz and his whimsical wrapping
Making silly faces with the birthday girl in the mirror
Please note the huge NO RUNNING sign!
Princess posing, Liv shows you how it’s done.
Eagerly waiting to go inside
We kicked each other’s butt in table tennis
Cayce, Chayanne and Ann-Marissa *this was the least blurry I got*
I bounced so hard the kids were hitting the ceiling!
Liv on the zipline cracks me up!
Group shot
Happy Happy Birthday Jianna!
Thanks Nicole & James for the wicked fun party

Ready for the best face ever?!!

My kid is super rad!

Thursday Liv’s class had a pumpkin carving party at school. I baked spookie cookies for the potluck.

What would any typical three year girl want to carve in her pumpkin? A vampire of course!
She kept calling the pumpkin guts gross, that’s my kid!
Liv’s most awesome teacher, Miss Maricris
Liv’s BFF Liam and his Mommy.
Scary Vampire!
Mwah ah hah!

 Have a lovely day!




Halloween costume ideas

I like fall, not as much as summer and spring but I’m ready for the weather to cool down *hopefully* and scarf season is approaching. It has me thinking about Halloween costume ideas. We started watching the nerdy Heroes of Cosplay show. While the people are annoying and overly dramatic, we tune in for the creative costumes. I always feel like they always give an award to the people on the show even though there are better costumes. It just dawned on me that we took a picture with one of the girls from the show at Comic Con in 2011.

Becky Young as Harley Quinn

Last week, Liv saw this Taffyta Muttonfudge costume on the show from Wreck-it Ralph and now she is obsessed with being “the strawberry girl“.

Becky Young as Taffyta Muttonfudge

Mom! I wanna be the strawberry girl!” I hear about 15 times a day. I think there are better versions of Taffyta.

Taffyta Muttonfudge, Candlehead, Rancis Fluggerbutter & Vanellope Von Schweetz

I’d much rather her go as Vanellope the cute hero of the film but Liv is all about pink these days, so Taffyta is all she wants.  Taffyta Muttonfudge is the ringleader of the mean girls but she’s voiced by Mindy Kaling and I love that lady! It doesn’t seem that difficult to make and I was planning on getting her some new converse, so a pink pair would work. Then Antz would go as Ralph and I guess I would be Fix it Felix. This costumes are too fucking cute.

King Candy, Vanellope and Fix it Felix
Awesome Wreck It Ralph cosplay
This Calhoun *Liv says that’s my character* costume is great but too complicated for me to make
Sugar Rush Racers
S U G A R R U S H : Cosfest 2013 D2 - 03 by ~aisulove
These ladies are awesome!
S U G A R R U S H : Cosfest 2013 D2 - 01 by ~aisulove

this guy was so in character it was ridiculous. and after we took a photo his phone started ringing, and he was all like “ah! thats my Ralph!”
This guy is a perfect Felix Jr.

Fortunately for my continued lack of nightmares, I didn’t see a King Candy Cybug anywhere. 
OMG! Turbo is brilliant!
King Candy and Sour Bill by ~Ringo-Chu
I bow down to these cosplayers, they are bringing it!

There’s so many cute options for Wreck-it Ralph costumes. But there’s no way we are building a race car for her too, no matter how many times she says please!! Any big ideas for Halloween? I have another costume in mind but I’m gonna keep mum until I make up my mind.

More Halloween Goodness

Antz won best costume at his job three times!! Way to go Jake the Dog!

Godmommy Leslie
Mia and lovely Kaia
I had a duet with Adele
Cutest B-mo ever!

We had yummy Chipotle for dinner. Everything was $2 if you came in costume. We submitted this photo of us and the managers for their Boorito costume contest, vote here!

Terry & Morgan asked us to join them trick or treating on Hill Drive in Eagle Rock. It started out as a quiet, calm evening but by nightfall, there must have been 5,000 people on that street. Every other house had decorations and tons of candy. Liv over filled her pumpkin bucket, we had to stop trick or treating. I love their awesome handmade Ghostbusters costumes!!

Kieran is adorable as Slimer!
Antz holding his prize loot
This house wins for creepiest mannequin.

American Horror Story: Asylum *I watched the first season, mixed reviews, it’s interesting enough to watch but the plot is over twisted and the characters are morons. Jessica Lange saves that show*

Thanks for the religious pamplets…said no kid ever!

I was so stoked to see other Adventure Time costumes. Liv wanted this Cake doll *looks like I’ll be making one for her soon*
Fionna, Cake and Beemo
Our costumes were quite popular, we posed for photos with a bunch of people.

We had a lumpin’ awesome Halloween!! I’m exhausted but excited about Liv’s French school presentation this Saturday.

Happy Happy Halloween 2012

Trunk or Treat was rad! We were the second car to arrive at Liv’s school at 8 am. Antz decorated my trunk and everyone loved it!! At first Liv didn’t want to wear her costume but a quick candy bribe got it on pronto.

My animated candy bowl was a hit. Half the kids loved it and the other half were terrified of it!

I really liked this kid’s Aquabats costume

Olivia’s most incredible teacher!

The owner/director of Liv’s school. She’s lumpin’ awesome!

More photos to come…Happy Halloween Boils & Ghouls!

Halloween 2012 Weekend

We just got home from our awesome friends, *newly engaged* Tom & Jess’s Halloween party. We tried to make it to our other friend’s party tonight but poor Liv was knocked out and we had a pretty long day. We started off the weekend with a Friday date night at the movies. We saw Paranormal Activity 4. Antz Mom babysat Liv and we decided it was time for her first sleepover at Gramma’s house. We picked her up the next afternoon and went to our first party of the day. My friend was hosting a meet and greet for LA mayor candidate Eric Garcetti. We wore our amazing Adventure Time costumes and took a photo with Eric *who was really loving us*.

I really hope he wins because he is awesome and has done a lot of good for Los Angeles. Vote for Eric Garcetti!!!

Our B-mo! *I sort of gave you a clue here*
If you want these lumps, you gotta put a ring on it!
You know, just two robots hanging out at the water table

We had a 2 hour break before we headed out for our next party. What time was it?


I will never master night time photography

Finn *Tom* & Princess Bubblegum *Jess* Tom told us the proposal story and I totally teared up.

 Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess & rad B-mo!

I LOVE Story’s Marceline, her axe is genius!
Kim fucking rules with her Large Marge costume *She made that awesome mask and that’s my creepy perv hand*

In case you don’t know the terrifying tale of Large Marge, here it is:

Pretty rad Walter & Jesse costumes

So tired but I wanted to get these photos posted since I’m planning on sleeping all day tomorrow. Fun times!

Trunk or Treat

This is the Halloween event Liv’s school is having on Wednesday. I signed up for it at Back to School night under the impression I would be helping with costumes or just passing out candy. Turns out I have to decorate the trunk of my car and all the kids will parade around the parking lot and pass out candy. I’m pretty stumped for ideas. My trunk is full of Liv’s car toys, extra jackets, bottles of water and other car junk. I was thinking of just putting in a black drape over the chairs, adding a few pumpkins and throwing my crystal ball witch back there.

She says witchy incantations and has an evil laugh when you make noise

Now I’m concerned that my witch may be too scary for the little ones. Liv loves her but she’s pretty hardcore about Halloween. I looked on Pinterest to get some ideas.

Trunk or Treat Example


Trunk or Treat idea

Trunk or Treat
All images found on Pinterest

Pretty elaborate right? My trunk isn’t the kind that folds down but I can sit in it while I’m passing out candy. I’m thinking of matching the trunk to our costumes but that’s totally top secret. Have you ever heard of this Halloween tradition? Should I stick with my original idea and keep it simple or go all out with a matching themed trunk? Keep in mind this event is from 8 am – 9 am! I’m looking forward to a busy next few days. I was hoping to go see Paranormal Activity 4 with Antz if we find a sitter on Friday night. We have 3 Halloween parties on Saturday, Trunk or Treat, and Antz Halloween party at his job on Wednesday. That’s 5 different times we will be wearing our costumes!! Oh well, I love Halloween and we may as well get a ton of usage out of our lovely costumes.

Adventure Time!

Jake the Dog, Bmo & Lumpy Space Princess

Taco the Turtle

Last Thursday I took Liv to school and we discovered her school has a turtle named Taco! The school’s owner, Renae took Benny the bunny out of his house and let the kids hold him. I have owned 3 bunnies when I was a kid and they never liked being held. Benny is the a zen bunny. He is so docile and calm. He does these cool yoga bunny poses and was absolutely fine with toddlers holding him. Liv is normally afraid of him but she was brave and held him in her lap.

So cute! I have always wanted to get a rabbit for Liv but I have to wait until she’s at least 5 or 6. So while Liv was at school, I picked up Aimee and Holden and we went to Sprinkles ice cream. For the first time ever, there was no line.


Sprinkles ice cream is the BEST!
I LOVE this photo of Aimee *she is so stunningly beautiful*
Aimee & her baby

We then picked up Liv and went to the mall for lunch. Holden wore Liv in the Babyhawk while she was sleeping. I wish I took a picture because she is enormous, I can’t believe she still fits in that thing. I wonder if I should get the BabyHawk Oh Snap! which is for toddlers and we can wear her on our back. The Bugaboo stroller takes up so much space in my trunk, I’ve been leaving it in the garage so when we are out and I need it, I never have it, then Antz has to carry Liv *she is the heaviest 32 pounds*

I am excited this week because Thursday is Liv’s first parent/teacher conferences. I get an idea of how she’s doing through weekly emails but I would like to know how well she does with listening to her teachers and if she is doing well in her Spanish class *I can’t even get an “Hola” out of her* This Saturday we have 3 Halloween parties to attend! Luckily we finished our costumes last weekend so we’re good to go.