Halloween Costume dress rehearsal

Well, I am going to be a 1960’s housewife à la Mad Men. I wanted to keep it a secret until I was in full costume until I saw I blabbed about it here. Shows how well I can keep a secret. So, my vision was retro refinement. I pulled out my beauty school arsenal and instantly added 12 inches to my hair.

I wish my hair would grow this long *it was pretty full and long when I was a kid*
This is the look I was going for…
 Yet this is closer to my result
I attempted to sew a petticoat of black tulle to give my dress more volume but it came out terribly. Antz convinced me to go without it. I am not so happy with the total look but maybe some crazy makeup and if I can find my fake cigarettes, I’ll resemble someone from the 60’s.
Gasp, I hope I don’t embarass myself *won’t be the first time* at least I am going for comfort over style. I have a pair of badass black pumps but I refuse to have my feet kill me and I don’t want to topple over while holding Olivia. Antz picked up a costume after work and he’s working his magic now. He sure knows how to make it work at the last minute.

One thought on “Halloween Costume dress rehearsal

  1. I think you're simply adorable, Lizzie! You wont make a fool out of yourself! Just tweek it a little & it'll be perfect! I think it's adorable & quite fitting! Hey, I'm going to be a football player.. With my DAUGHTER being a football & fiance being a player from another team… lol But, I think we're just staying in the house passing out candy, so, not too many people will see.. lol Unless I throw together a party at the last minute… haha

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