Yep, I am queen of the double entendres! So last night Antz massacred some fabric trying to sew together a monkey costume. The more he worked on it, the worse it became, it was not working. Poor baby, he kept asking me what I thought and I gave him one of these

*I LOVE that face!!* Aimee and I say that to each other like 500 times a day. So he went to bed a bit sadders about his lame costume. I kept telling him, he could always break out the Leprechon look if he can’t come up with anything. Well, my dear husband is King of throwing something random together, he was hell bent on being a monkey so he was up early putting together what he likes to call

“Monkey Business”
He made the banana, and borrowed my Uggs! *should I be bummed that my hubby fits my shoes*
Complete with tail, I don’t know how he does it, total MacGuyver move.

He just aimed me that noone at work knows who he is, they think he made the monkey head *he bought it from a Thrift shop last night* Haha, I think he looks very Paul Frank chic, he pulled it off *again, at the last second*

But to be honest we both know we could have done better this year. We usually go all out for Halloween but next year will be a family costume. Liv is wearing her fairy costume *hooray for laziness on my part*

I need to jump in the shower and start on my makeup, I will try to get as many pics as I can but Antz isn’t here to be my photographer *Boo!* I am going to Antz job early so I can take pics of the costume contest and then we are going to the Nick party. You’ll have to forgive me but Mixtape Friday may be delayed until tonight *My Halloween Hits*. Later Skaters!!

P.S. Thankies to my 9 lovelies, I appreciate you taking time to read about the chronicles of a dork like me!!

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