Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 5

Welcome to another Mix Tape Friday *condensed version*. I know it’s been on hiatus but I am stoked to share this week’s tunes!

I’ve been rockin out to a bunch of CDs *so very old school* in my car since my iphone car adapter died. I have brought out old stuff I haven’t heard in years and this first one is an old favorite of mine. I actually saw him live for my birthday at the Los Feliz Derby *sadly, it’s closed since* I even scored his signature on a martini glass. I have always fantasized of hiring him to play at a party at our house but his $10,000 fee has put a screeching halt to that becoming a reality. I am not a huge System of a Down fan but I love the way Dick does it.

“Chop Suey” Richard Cheese

At the concert
Liz and Dick Cheese

The next band is pretty awesome *I know I say that about every band* but we saw them open for Radiohead in San Diego. I love weirdos and these guys fit the bill! I also love obscure songs *hence my love for Björk* sorry the sound sucks so bad but this is the actual footage from the concert, the album version is way better sounding!

“Panda Panda Panda” Deerhoof

At the concert

The next is a oldie but super special to me. I remember being 9 years old and going on tour with my Mom in the summer of 1986. I was used to life on the road by then but this time I was allowed on stage *I ran out picking up the flowers and gifts fans threw on stage for Stevie* it was surreal. It felt like a million people were in the audience. I have been hearing this song at a bunch of places lately and it always reminds me of my Mommy. She was a typical Mom, taking me to ballet class, feeding the dog and helping me with my homework yet she had another persona, on stage she was a rock star. Doing what she was born to do, the only percussionist in an industry dominated by men and still she never missed one of my volleyball games. I have no idea how she did it but I am so proud of my rock star Mommy. Check out her bitchin 80’s style in the intro of this video.

“Stand Back” Stevie Nicks

Me *wearing my Mommy’s vest* backstage
My next choice is an ATF *all-time-favorite*. I first heard this song on KCRW in 1998 and I immediately went to Aron’s Record store *the best CD store in Hollywood that no longer exists* and bought the CD! I cannot describe how much I have played this song. It was my ringtone on my cell at one point. The bass on the song is the best and I love the video *I adore polar bears*. This song is a close runner up to my most favorite Björk song ever which I will be featuring soon. So, please enjoy the greatest singer on planet Earth!!
“Hunter” Björk
At her concert in 2003

And now the random song of the week. Like I said, I’ve been forced to listen to CDs in my car and I have a soundtrack I’ve been playing all week. I have a strong devotion to the works of Mr Stanley Kubrick, one of his most popular and controversial films is A Clockwork Orange. What makes this film so brilliant is the soundtrack which I have been playing non-stop. I love this particular composer, Wendy Carlos, a transsexual who is similar to the Chemical Brothers *another band I heart* I am not a huge fan of music from the 70’s but the fusion of classical with electronica is the tits!!
“The Funeral of Queen Mary” Wendy Carlos
Later Skaters
Disclaimer: I am, indeed a giant nerd!!

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