Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 16

This week’s jams are pretty random but so is my taste in music. Please do enjoy!!!

Starting with my Die Antwoord, who are South Afrikan, crazy creepy and awesome!

“Baby’s on Fire” Die Antwoord

She’s too cute for words. This song is perfect for Liv’s 3rd year video.

“White Lights” Oh Land

This is an oldie but goodie, I’m not a huge fan of this video but the song is a classic!

“So Fresh & So Clean” OutKast

I can’t stop playing this song. JE’TAIME!!!

“Comment tu Dire Adieu” Françoise Hardy

I know this is totally random but I love me some S&G. I also love The Graduate which I have seen several times but only understood it as an adult. Cu-ca-choo!

“Mrs. Robinson” Simon & Garfunkel

Now the mandatory Björk song of the week. This song always getting me going. It’s so amazing and fun to dance around to. How adorable is Pedo Bear!

“Human Behavior” Björk

Besides LDR being overrated, I still enjoy this song. I always think of this skit of Kristen Wiig doing a spot on impression *boy, SNL is suffering without her*

“Video Games” Lana Del Rey

You’re So Nice and You’re so Smart. I dedicate this song to Antz.

“So Nice So Smart” Kimya Dawson

Pretty Photos from National Geographic. This song is from one of my all-time top ten movies, High Fidelity.

“Dry the Rain” The Beta Band

This song is so 80’s and soo good. It’s definitely my soundtrack for this weekend.

“A Real Hero” College featuring Electric Youth

I’m adding this as a bonus video. This dude is beyond awesome and I can’t get this song out of my head, really it’s too catchy!

“Gangnam Style” PSY

That is all, my friends. Aside from an event at Liv’s school and then dinner with friends tonight, we have ABSOLUTELY nothing planned this weekend. I’m so excited to laze around the house and possibly clean out my closet, and pull out my warmer clothes *my leggings, tights and jackets*

Happy Friday!!

Mix Tape Fridays Vol 15

My car is all better now, hooray! I’m picking her up when Antz gets home tonight. We have a pretty busy weekend planned so I’ll be back Monday. Let’s hope I finish Liv’s doll!

Have a Rocking Weekend!!

“Somebody That I Used To Know” (feat. Kimbra)  Goyte

“Bucky Done Gun” M.I.A.

“Hey Mammi” Fanny Pack

For Aimee

“Azz Everywhere” Big Freedia

“Bassment Party” The Cool Kids

“Pure Imagination” Jolie Holland

I love this video!!

“It’s Oh So Quiet” Björk

“Brass Monkey” The Beastie Boys

“Evil Boy” Die Antwoord

“Don’t Stop Me Now” Queen

My official weekend theme song!

Mix Tape Fridays Vol 14

This has been a pretty kick ass week so I’m making a special Kick Ass FREEKY Mix Tape!

Thanks Story from turning me on to the Freekiness!! Yolandi Vissa is super cute

“I Fink U Freeky” Die Antwoord


“Come to Daddy” Aphex Twin

Sometimes I’m just in a German Industrial rocking mood…

“Du Hast” Rammstein

This one is for Aimee, cause Annabelle Lwin is FREAKY!!! but I love this song.

“Aphrodisiac” Bow Wow Wow

This song is dedicated to my lovely. His name is Antz and I want to dance to this with him.

“Jaan Pehechaan Ho” Muhammad Rafi *from the Ghost World soundtrack*

Mandatory Björk song off the week. This B-side is such an incredible song. I haven’t heard it for years until I made Evelyn & Dion a mix tape for their care package. Bloody fantastic!
*not sure why they are showing the Joga video*

“Sod Off” Björk

Original Bad-ass, Johnny Cash

“Boy Named Sue” Johnny Cash

Antz is all over her lately…I wonder why?

“Blue Jeans” Lana del Rey aka Elizabeth Grant

Kirsten is SPOT ON!

SNL Weekend Update

Happy Happy Weekend!

Mix Tape Fridays Vol.13

So this shall be the last Mix Tape for 2011 *tear* In retrospect I wish I posted more of these but maybe you’ll agree with me it’s quality over quantity, right? This week is brought to you from my current playlist which you may find to be quite random.

Random photo circa 2002

This is Antz & mine’s most favorite and extra played out song. This movie was impactful to us now that we are parents but it was also amazing visually and audibly just as Dancer in the Dark was. Lars is a complete ass but he knows how to make interesting films. He gets the cast just right *Udo Kier is my man and Alexander Skarsgard is lovely to look at, me likey* and you become enveloped into the storyline even when you have no idea what’s happening. We are total classical music geeks!

Wagner “Tristan and Isolde” Melancholia Sountrack

This is an oldie but goodie. I have been going through a hippie-pop-folk phase and I loved this song ever since I heard it in The Virgin Suicides. Holy shit, I am so loving his owl feather eyebrows and Farrah Fawcett hair but not so much his gnarley teeths. The 70’s was one fucked up decade!!

“Hello, It’s Me” Todd Rundgren

Speaking of hippies, this French version of the Turtles “So Happy Together” makes me so happy. Please forgive the Get Him to the Greek video…it was the only one I could find.

“Heureux tous les deux” Frank Alamo *however my version is from Pop a Paris – Rock N’ Roll and Mini Skirts Vol.1*

While I’m on the French playlist…I recently bought this album just based on this AH-mazing cover. Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find so many rad songs and this hidden gem by a little lady by the name of ADELE!!! *no, not that Adele but they are similar*

I am obsessed with vinyl album covers from the 60s!!

“J’ai peur parfois” Adele

Alright this one is my last Frenchy, I promise, but she’s an American singing in English who happened to be discovered in Paris *at age 15!!*. I really believe she’s the reincarnated spirit of Billie Holiday. Her voice gives me the Vapors *in an awesome way* Bitch can SING! She just made it on my list of folks to see live next year *which you will hear more about on my New Years Resolutions post coming soon*

“Instead” Madeleine Peyroux

Let’s break up the French monotony with some Björk shall we? This woman is too rad for words.
Oh, did I mention I bought Biophilia on vinyl? YAY ME!!

Slowly building my vinyl collection

“Crystalline” Björk

Alright, here’s something to shake yo ass to. Go ahead, proceed to shake it!!

“I’m Mikey” The Cool Kids

This one is dedicated to my Antz, I love you, lovely. This is fucked up!

“Black Swan” Thom Yorke

I adore this guy. He is Natalie Portman’s ex and adorable. I would hook Aimee up with him if I could.

Dirty little hipster.

“Shabop Shalom” Devendra Banhart

Sometimes I’m in the mood for some good German electronica *Kraftwerk, KMFDM, & Rammstein* okay maybe they are more metal than electronica but you get the picture. This song needs to be my theme song.

“Don’t Break My Heart” Roman Flügel

Loving this band!! A LOT

“Pussy” Brazilian Girls

Pretty much an unknown fact is I went to high school with relatives of the Pharcyde. I get super nostalgic whenever I hear Passin’ me by. Fatlip has always been my favorite of the group and his solo album is pretty sch-weet. Even better, he has a duet with Chemical Brothers that is STELLAR!! I’m sure noone born after 1992 has any idea who these guys are *shit I’m an old lady*

“What’s Up Fatlip” Fatlip

Since this is the very last Mix Tape of the year, I had to add some B&S flavor to it. Oh man, I would die and go to heaven if I ever seen them live. I am hoping to see them soon *preferably in Europe* They rock so eloquently!

“Funny Little Frog” Belle & Sebastian

Let’s finish this in a seriously random, rockin’ way. There’s no need for an introduction. You know the man, you know the legend…

“Careless Whisper” George Michael

Just in case you need your Christmas song fix, you can go here for last year’s Holiday Mix Tape.

Happy Happy New Year Lovelies!! I can’t wait to post tomorrow *it’s so hard to keep this a surprise*

Mi-Mi-Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 12

Well, today is a great day for some tunes. It’s been awhile but I am dedicating this playlist to my primas magnifico, Evelyn & Dion way deep down in Paraguay. Miss you guys and love you lots!

Let’s begin…

Everyone knows how badass Nick Cave rocks, but little know of this underrated soundtrack. I featured Another Rather Lovely Thing on my rainy day mixtape but I had to post another awesome song.  The score made me fall in love this movie. I play this in Olivia’s nursery often, it’s so ereathral and lovely.

“A Song for Jesse” The Assassination of Jesse James from that Coward Robert Ford Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

While were on the topic of soundtracks, I discovered this on the telly but have actually never seen the film. Before bed, Antz and I like to listen to the Cinema Soundtracks channel on Directv to put us to bed. Most of the time it’s hard to sleep through the Ghostbusters song but we do enjoy hearing John Williams tunes or Yann Tiersen’s Amelie score. Out of nowhere we heard this song and I instantly loved it. I did a little research and discovered it’s a medley from a Fellini film Fellini’s Casanova. It’s a weird song because there are so many different aspects to it. Dreamy, romantic, circus-y, playful, somber, intense and sinister. Sadly the version I adore is not available on youtube but you can hear a sample of it on Amazon track #15. Here is the trailer for the film where you can get an idea of how brilliant the song is, and how rad Nino Rota is.

“Il Casanova di Federico Fellini” Trailer from the film Nino Rota

Watching this clip makes me want to watch the movie…Italians!

Okay, now let’s get rocking…You may recall my new found adoration of Mumford & Sons distinct folk rock sound. Now it’s all about the Avett Brothers!! I am digging the Appalachian hipster folk vibe. Scruffy breads, dirty long hair, dressy old-timey vests and bluegrass is sexy.

“Kick Heart Drum” The Avett Brothers

Nancy Sinatra is gangsta. She set it off with Bang Bang He Shot Me Down featured in Kill Bill Vol. 1, then she put on her boots and started walking. I love her! I was super stoked to find her immortalized in the French language in this stellar compilation album of 60’s cover songs. Download the entire album on itunes, Paint it Black and Happy Together are worth it alone!

“Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher”  Pop a Paris – Rock N’ Roll and Mini Skirts Vol.1 *Nancy Sinatra Cover*

The next song is AWETASTIC! I fell in love with Seu Jorge’s voice in one of my all-time favorite movies The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. In the film he plays covers of David Bowie *heart* songs in Portuguese!! Sensing a theme here? I like covers but I LOVE covers in foreign languages!! It was hard to choose a favorite because they all rock but this one is the M-E-R-D-E!! E&D: Sorry, The Life Aquatic is not available on instant streaming Netflix but you need to see this movie.

“Changes” Seu Jorge *David Bowie Cover*

Today’s Björk song of the week is a shout out to Mrs. Evelyn Cook *and also the BFF Aimee, we’ve missed our last 2 dates BOO*. I MISS YOU!! One of her very best videos. YAY

“I Miss You” Björk

In honor of Tom Waits new album dropping on the 17th, let’s rock out to this live amazing performance of Rain Dogs in PARIS *yeah, I’m jealous* I MUST see Tom live soon. I seriously get chills when I hear him sing…in an awesome way.

“Rain Dogs” Tom Waits

This last song is special because my newly wedded friends Carlos & Stephanie played it during their incredible wedding. I have been playing it out but it’s a cover *and I love me some covers* that is too genius for words. This song I dedicate to Dion, for obvious reasons. 

“Hey Ya” Ortopilot *Outkast Cover*

Bonus…I LOVE this video…like, to the MAXXX!!!

Te Amo Primos, tome el cuidado!

Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 11

With summer *my favorite season* fast approaching, I think it’s appropriate for a summer/poolside *don’t I wish* beachy playlist. It’s been close to 2 1/2 years since I went to the beach so I am thinking this weekend maybe time to introduce my favorite beach to Olivia.

Yikes, I look like a giant compared to my tiny Mommy-in-law!!
Shall we begin…?

One of my favorite bands epitomize Rockabilly beach camp, John Waters style from the 60’s with a punk twist. I saw them live at Sunset Junction and they were FANTASTIC!! Even with Lux Interior in his 60’s he still rocked!

“Aloha From Hell” The Cramps
I am not normally a fan of the Beach Boys but this song is so sweet and cheerful, I often play it in Liv’s nursery. I adore the lyrics…it’s so true God Only Knows what I’d be without Antz & Liv!!
“God Only Knows” The Beach Boys
The next song somehow puts me in a Summery mood, I can’t pinpoint what it is about this song but I love it!
“Goodbye Stranger” Supertramp
This song definitely has a laid-back, drink a margarita, summer sound. We played it at our beach wedding.
“Santeria” Sublime
Here’s my summer inspired favorite by Björk. She performed this beautiful song at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony. Her dress folds out to canopy the entire stadium floor and has a map of the world on it. She is so freaking adorable and she sounds incredible!!
“Oceania” Björk
Nothing feels more lazy summer day than French music. It was June 2003 when Antz, Aimee and me went to London and Paris to see Björk so when I hear a French song it takes me back to walking throughout Paris in the warm summer sun. I really hope we can take Liv soon. I am still trying to learn this song in French *I am seriously incapable of learning French*
“Garcon Glacon” April March
The most anticipated random song of the week is courtesy of Mr. Wait’s sheer genius. This song doesn’t necessarily evoke a summer feeling in me but it’s so amazing I have to feature it. I adore the way this song sound like he’s telling a story. The old-timey *sorry Antz* rasp of his voice drives me nuts. There are many versions of this song but this live one from the Glitter & Dome tour and the photos of Tom are soo phenomenal!! I find it surreal that my Mom played with Tom on Romeo is Bleeding back in 1978 *I already asked her if she can get in touch with him so I could meet him, she told me she’s no longer associated with Hollywood, BOO* I want to see him live sooo dang-diddlely bad!!
“Circus” Tom Waits
This band was a major part of my childhood. I went through a huge phase where they were all I ever listened to. I was completely crushed when my Mom wouldn’t allow me to see them live however I was 12 at the time and they were playing in San Francisco *Just a quick 8 hour drive up north, Mom!* One of these days I’ll drag Liv to see them while failing at showing her how cool and hip her Mom is!
“Dry County” B-52s
The next 2 songs are all-time favorites of mine. No summer playlist would be complete without the fabulous Astrud Gilberto *The queen of Samba/Bossa Nova* I know it’s cliche but I adore this song, it’s just rad!
I LOVE the 60’s!! Soo my favorite time in history. Astrud is just way adorable.
“The Girl from Ipanema” Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz
The next is Astrud’s ex-husband, João’s, daughter, Bebel Gilberto. She is brilliant! I first heard her when I saw Closer and I immediately went home and downloaded this song. It’s so dreamy.
“Samba Da Bencao” Bebel Gilberto
Happy Friday and enjoy your *hopefully* sunny Mommy’s Day weekend!!

Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 10

Happy TENTH Mix Tape Friday!!

I am excited for today’s playlist only because most of them are new songs that I’ve been listening to nonstop and I am LOVING them!! I give sole credit to Antz who sent them my way and said, I think you would like these. Good job sweetiepie, you know me so well. This is dedicated to my amigas at Coachella, I wish I was there. Only 2 more years and we’ll take Liv.


Antz is LOVING this song!!

“Truth” Alexander

This is my new non-Björk favorite song!! Love Oh Land!!!

“Wolf & I” Oh Land

This song cracks me up!

“Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” Islands

I actually discovered this chick, she totally sounds like Joanna Newsom but harpless. Antz likes her a bunch. I find her to be adorable!

“Japan” CocoRosie

Speaking of Joanna, I noticed that one of my favorite songs of hers is on a car commercial *she sold out! Just Kidding* Antz is always saying why are all your favorite songs always in commercials? I dunno….cause I am awesome!! Anyways…I prefer live versions of her songs.

“Bridges & Balloons” Joanna Newsom

Arcade Fire has really won me over with this French song. J’aime seriously!! Makes me want to drive to Coachella tonight 🙁

“Une annee sans lumiere” Arcade Fire

This band is rad. That is all.

“Kick Drum Heart” The Avett Brothers

Björk, don’t think I don’t love you, my lovely. Now hurry up and finish your new album. Liv wants to see you live!! They played the Skunk Anaise remix version of this song in Sucker Punch, LOVE it!!

“Army of Me” björk

Here’s another Sucker Punch song. It’s so funny because they would play the original version at my beauty school and me and my friend Jessica would call this the acid trip remix and we would dance like the 60s.

“White Rabbit” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals *youtube has it posted incorrectly as Jefferson Airplane*

And lastly, the random song of the week! I heard this song at Liv’s World Citizen dance class and it so reminds me of my BFF, Aimee. She LOVES this dude! She saw him live a few years ago and begged me to go with her but I was Not likin’ it so I declined. Well, after all these years, this song has grown on me. Liv loves it so I’m onboard. It doesn’t hurt that he’s French either.

“Bongo Bong” Manu Chao

Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 9

It rained all day Tuesday. I’m not a fan of rain. Everyone thinks its so great, there is so few gloomy days in LA that it makes people crazy. The traffic comes to a crawl, the water wreaks havoc on our foundation *new wall cracks appear overnight, not good* and my dog paws get all muddy and he tracks it throughout the house. Boo! However, there are a few things that I enjoy in rainy weather *I LOVE cute rainboots and umbrellas*

I bought these a few years ago and I nerd out for any reason to wear them!!

I get in a sentimental mood for some melancholic tunes. Thus this week’s Mix Tape Friday inspiration. Not your typical “I’m Only Happy When it Rains” playlist. Hope you enjoy!

This is an obvious choice for rainy weather but I played this song at my wedding and it’s been covered by Björk. As difficult as this is to admit, as beautiful as Björk’s version is, she can’t touch Billie.

“Gloomy Sunday” Billie Holiday

This song is an obvious choice, its simply lovely.

“Stormy Weather” Sarah Vaughn

I must pay tribute my husband’s favorite band who are the King of melancholy whose new album *The King of Limbs* is due out this Saturday.

“Down Is The New Up” Radiohead

Sometimes the rain puts me in a Psychobilly mood.

“Haunted Cathouse” Nekromantix

Did you think I would make it without a Björk classic? Mon Dieu!! I listened to this song every time I was at acupuncture when we were trying to conceive and I would sing this to myself;

One day, it will all come true.
One day, when you’re ready
One day, when you’re up to it.

One day, one day it will all make sense
One day, you will blossom.

 *It happened*

“One Day” Björk

I could go on and on about how amazing Nick Cave’s talent is but we all know this. This soundtrack is a rare surprise, I really dislike westerns but Pretty boy Bradley, Sam Rockwell and Casey Affleck made it easy to stand, and the music t’weren’t too bad either!

“Another Rather Lovely Thing” Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Please forgive me, I couldn’t for the life of me find the next 2 songs on youtube *strange they weren’t there, everything is on youtube* It is definitely worth a listen. This is one of the most beautifully, sad song I’ve ever heard. Jon Brion is one of my favorite modern day composers who often collaborates with director PT Anderson. I listen to it just to get depressed, haha!
“Chance of Rain” Jon Brion

I love the turn-of-the-century feel I get when I hear this song. It’s like everything instantly goes black & white. J’adore April March!!
“Mon Petit Cowboy” April March

This was playing in Liv’s nursery while I was watching the rain fall, rocking in her glider while I was breastfeeding her. I thought to myself, I should post my favorite rainy day songs.

“Lovely head” Goldfrapp

Yep, I hopped on the Grammy bandwagon and recently downloaded these guys but banjos and upright bass are doing it for me. I am typically not a Bluegrass fan but they won me over when I discovered they are Brits.

“Roll Your Stone Away” Mumford & Sons

Antz found this band for me and oh I love them so much *and I love my hubby even more for knowing me so well*

“Sur la planche” La Femme

Just because I’m in the mood

“Non, Je Ne Regret” Edith Piaf

All I can say about this chick is, I am soo happy I had the chance to hear her play live. I believe she is part fairy.

“Sawdust And Diamonds” Joanna Newsom

Mix Tape Friday Vol. 8

New Year, New music…sounds lovely to me!

I found this amazing band on my fave show Yo Gabs during the Share episode. They are super cute and have made it to my Awesomely Happy playlist, quite the distinct honor! They remind me very much of Deerhoof with a dash of Freezepop.

I think Yuko Araki “Migu” *the girl drummer is super adorable.

“Count Five or Six” Cornelius

My next band is seriousnessly rad. They sound European but they are from the South *Say whaaa?* totally rocking my world.

“Tim, I Wish you were Born a Girl” Of Montreal

I have been playing this band too much *Antz can’t take them anymore* but I think they are brilliant. Michel Gondry *frequent Björk collaborator* directed this genuis video. I wish they would put out a new album soon, I’ve worn Viva La Woman out!

“Sugar Water” Cibo Matto
Boo, Warner Bros *aka Tha Man* cockblocked embedding for this video but here’s the link.

Now it’s time for Björk song of the week. This week is an oldie but greatly. I know I’m biased but I have never heard such orginality, magnificent voice *even when I have no idea what she’s saying*, such natural talent. Hearing her sing live brings tears to my eyes, it’s so ethereal is the best word I could describe her as.

“Cocoon” Björk

I found out about this next guy from my Beauty School Bff, Jessica. She just saw him play at the Hollywood Bowl and now I’m super jealous. He so reminds me of Elliott Smith *they are both from Omaha* but I hope he doesn’t end up like Elliott, who committed suicide at a young 34 *which I will be turning in 2 months, eeep*  His voice is haunting and sweet, I love this video *Antz cannot stand him, he finds him to be pretentious, haha*

“At the Bottom of Everything” Bright Eyes

Speaking of suicide…why are the most talented and successful people end up depressed and kill themselves? Alexander McQueen, Micheal Hutchence, Kurt Cobain *although, I seriously think foulplay was involved*

On a lighter note, here’s the random song of the day. Brought to you from Space Ghost *a short lived awesome show that has a huge cult following* As a matter of fact, Story was Brak *along with Chris a Moltar* for Halloween one year and their costumes was so spot on I regret being too drunk to have taken a picture. I stole this one from her facebook. I do not love beans, for the record.

“I Love Beans” Brak

My last song for this Mix Tape Friday switches up the all Indie, all the time mix. Being a former MM fan, I get nostalgic for some hardcore rocking every now and again.

*yep, there was a semi-Goth phase in my life, 1997 was a hell of a year!*

That is a scrapbook I made of Marilyn Manson photos and memorabilia, one day Liv will find and say “What the fuck, Mom?!!”

“Coma White” Marilyn Manson
This was back when Rose McGowen was so adorable, before she ruined her face and hooked up with Robert Rodriguez *gross*
I’m going to dinner with my Mommy tonight, later skater!!

Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 7

Hark, the Mix tape has made it’s triumphant return and this week I’m bringing you my Christmas Edition

I have a pretty kick-ass itunes playlist playing that has inspired today’s Mix Tape Friday. Let’s go…..

I’ll start with an old classic *I totally love the 60s and cutie pie Doris Day* I used to watch all her movies when I was little *I had no clue of what was going on in those movies* but I loved Doris’s voice and how bright and cheery she always seemed.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Bing Crosby & Doris Day

Here’s another Golden oldie that instantly sets the mood. I adore Rat Pack!!

“I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” Dean Martin

Since we’re on a Rat Pack Swinging set

“Mistletoe & Holly” Frank Sinatra

Ella has an amazing Christmas Album “Ella Wishes you a Swingin’ Christmas” I would post every single song here but I am only going to choose one, my absolute favorite of hers. She is so major!!!

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” Ella Fitzgerald

If you’re gonna make a Christmas playlist, you must include an old favorite but with a modern twist. I love this version of a timeless classic.

“Carol of the Bells” The Bird & the Bee

Anyone born before 1985 knows that Christmas is not complete without A Charlie Brown Christmas. I adore the Vince Guaraldi Trio , but I’m way into composers. I was happily surprised to hear it featured on The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack *one of my favorite movies*

Christmas songs has one King *his name is not Elvis*, I’ll let you hear who I am talking about.

“Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” Nat King Cole

If Nat is the King, I would crown Mr. Kitt, the queen. Her playful Christmas songs are so rad, I totally get excited to bake cookies for Santa while dancing to this tune.

“Santa Baby” Eartha Kitt

And now my last, yet random Christmas tune of the day. This song totally reminds me of my grammar school days, singing in our Christmas Pageant and then heading out to look at the neighborhood lights with my Mom *unknown fact: Antz and I didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood, but we went to see the same neighborhood Christmas lights as children* Here’s an unlikely band you may not relate to Christmas but I wanted to close with a rocking song.

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” Weezer

Please have a safe Christmas, we’ll be hanging around the casa tomorrow, eating Cinnabons, *Liv is loving her new organic pear juice* taking pics of Liv’s 1st Christmas and we’re crafting, I’ll be mood board-ing to our heart’s delight. We’ll be heading out to my Mommy’s house for a couple of days, so hopefully Olivia may have a White Christmas!!