Today is the BIG DAY!!

And so it begins, our daughter is now on the road to independence. She had her first meal this morning and I *like a nerd* bawled like a baby. She was giving me a *Really, Mom* look. She did excellent, she was really enjoying it.

She ate the whole bowl! *greedy, like her Mum* We are buying the Beaba Babycook

and I am ordering her awesome dishware today.

I also think it’s time to get her highchair since it was hard to feed her while holding her. So today was a major milestone and I am thrilled and simeltaneously sad. I thought she would be at least 6 months old when she started solids but she has been waking up every 2-3 hours to eat at night, maybe this will help her get back to sleeping through the night.

Tomorrow Antz is taking th day off so we can shop, give Maxie a bath and then we are going to the Northridge farmers market. I hope it’s not too cold since it starts at 5. Today we are playing volleyball *YAY* after missing the last 2 weeks. I have to take Liv to her grandmother’s at 3 and try to squeeze out another bottle for tomorrow’s breakfast!

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