Brrr, it’s cold in here!

OK, I am not fond of this actual winter weather we are having. Just the other day it was sunny and hot and now it’s windy and freezing cold. I am under 2 blankets, in my warm PJs with a scarf and I have the heat blasting and I’m still cold! Tonight we played volleyball with Dion & Evelyn. It was fun but I am mega bummed because my push present ring broke. *sads* We are going tomorrow to see if I can have it soldered back together. I didn’t play as hard as I usually do but I am lacking energy after spending the last week up all night feeding Liv. Tonight is her experimental night to see if feeding her solids will help her STTN. I cant believe she’s eating solids, she’s doing everything so early…

Liv’s Milestones

She is flying through her firsts, she has smiled, laughed, babbled, rasped, rolled-over *both ways* slept through the night *at 7 weeks*, stopped swaddling at 12 weeks, sleeps in her nursery *most of the time* at 12 weeks, sits up assisted, sits up on her own, sucks her toes, sucks her fingers, tried to crawl * she goes backwards*, holds her own bottle, reached for toys, holds toys with both hands, picks up toys/bottle on her own, tries to stand, grabs my face, buries her face in my neck, can focus on her Presidents mat, tries to turn the pages of her books, watches complete episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba! *nothing else interests her*, loves being in a pool, has petted our cat Lola *with my supervision*, said au revoir to her pacifier *to my delight* and now has had her first meal.

I thought I would get the poopy diaper of a lifetime but luckily so far things are still relatively smell-less and orangish brown *sorry, TMI*. She has been ridiculously gassy. When we went to pick her up from her Grandma’s after volleyball, she totally had the mega farts and we all blamed it on Antz!

Day #5…I am super thankful that I have been able to breastfeed exclusively since she was born and I am hoping to continue for at least a year. I was soo grossed out about bfing and I was certain something would prevent me for being able to *my own irrational fears* so I am majorly proud of sticking with it and giving Olivia the liquid gold. I am bummed that I have to pump everyday now for her rice cereal but I guess it isn’t so bad. We need to get her highchair soon but I’m waiting to see if Antz can find it on craigslist. This Saturday we are taking our junk we don’t want to LA Freecycle in Eagle Rock. Hopefully, I can sell her 0-3 clothes to a cosignment shop. OH! and I have a bunch of preggo books that I no longer need. *Yep, I read all of them!*

I feel very Hoarders!!

P.S. Anthony loves to torment me, he found this rad childrens clothing site and now I am obsessed. Why does he find the most awesomest things and there’s no prices for anything?!  I love the styles, the color palettes, I love all the clothes!! I can’t post the photos but here’s a peek…

I am swooning, I need some sleep, so far Liv hasn’t woken up…let’s keep our fingers crossed she makes it till daylight.

6 thoughts on “Brrr, it’s cold in here!

  1. awww yay!! Love the posts about Liv eating her solids! Too cute! They're growing up so fast on us, huh? Lily's been eating solids occassionally for a couple weeks now.. A bit early, but, the formula just wasn't cutting it sometimes. But I can usually get her to sleep through the night with just the formula.. It seems she's teething so on extra cranky days I'll give her some solids.. Hope she slept through the night for you! And good luck on the “no stinky diapers” thing… Lets just say that wasn't the case for Lily… haha

  2. Liv is too adorable and growing up so fast! I'm so sorry you had to endure middle of the night feedings! Must be exhausing! I hope Liv STTN.

    They are quite gassy the first week starting solids but after that they just get use to it. Wait until he multicolored diapers…:/

  3. Am I the only Mommy who blubbered when she started solids? The first night, she woke up about 15 minutes after I wrote the post *darn it*. This morning she ate another bowl of rice cereal so we'll see how she sleeps tonight.

  4. Sorry to say, hun, I didn't cry.. lol I was way too excited that she was eating it too cry. Only times I've cried about her was when I heard her cry for the first time in the operating room.. and while she was in the NICU.. Other then that, it's all dry eyes, & smiles! =)

  5. Cold weather is LAME! Last night I had her sleep in her long-sleeve fleece one-piece, she is a sweaty-Betty *like her Dad* so I'll start with socks, then check on her and take them off if she's hot. I put a blanket on her last night because it was so cold. She has her favorite PJs *the purple ones I'm always taking pics of* they are great since they are light cotton but keeps her warm.

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