What makes you happy?

Whew, this is such a hard question for me to answer. I was just pilfering A Cup of Jo *probably the best blog on the planet* and I had to steal this post:
My dear readers, inspired by this post, I would love to ask you: What are three things that make you happy? These days, my list is: Hitchcock movies, salt-and-vinegar potato chips, and walking arm-and-arm with people (it’s like my new thing). Tell me yours!

Well, I shall try to limit mine to 3 and let me state, I am majorly bummed Jo started off with one that I would have wanted to use *I LOVE Hitchcock films!!* but great minds think alike, right?

Conan O’Brien makes me super happy. I had the privilege of going to his show back when he had the Late Show in 2000. It was the most awesome experience of my life. His guests sucked but I danced with him and he was hilarious. I first fell in love with him, in of all places, Italy. We were super jet lagged so we would wake up every morning at 4am and there was nothing to do but watch TV. Well, as you can imagine there wasn’t much English-speaking shows but for some reason, we would always catch Conan. This was back in 1997 when he was fairly new so he wouldn’t have any guests, he would interview random people at bus stops and do the most knee-slapping skits. This was back in the Triumph the Insult Comic dog, Pimpbot5000 and the Masterbating Bear days, he would make me laugh until I cried. I can honestly say, whatever mood I am in, Conan really makes me happy!!

Wedding photos always make me happy. I haven’t seen a wedding photo that hasn’t made me giddy and saying to Antz “I wish we did this at our wedding…” *he usually throws me an eye roll and says our wedding was perfect*. I adore seeing wedding ceremonies, receptions, cakes, flowers, dresses, bow ties, shoes, invitations, favors…I could go on forever. Like I previously stated, my ideal profession would be a wedding coordinator if…I could only invent a potion to repeal Bridezillas. I love thumbing through Martha Stewart Weddings, I have a ton of wedding blogs that I spend all night *forfeiting my precious sleep* reading, causing me to wish I could have a wedding every year *betrothed to Anthony of course* I just love weddings, I am that guest who cries during the ceremony, can appreciate the detail put into small things like the way a napkin is folded or the font on the place cards and I am so bummed I am out of the running for catching the bouquet!

I’m not sure how many children of the eighties remember this but there is an original Pippi Longstocking and she goes by the name of Inger Nilsson. Pippi Longstocking makes me incredibly happy. I remember watching Saturday afternoon telly at my Grandma’s house and Pippi would be on channel 5 with the worst dubbing in film history. It was soo bad, it was indecipherable! I loved seeing Pippi display her insurmountable strength and the adventures she would have with Tommy & Annika made me want to run away from home and become a pirate. I spent a pretty penny on eBay buying the entire Pippi collection *of course now I can buy the set for under $60 when I had to hunt for each indivdual DVD and bid much more than I wanted to* I am hoping one day Olivia loves Pippi as much as we do!

So many more things bring happiness to my evil posterior so I’ll throw the question out to you lovelies, what makes you spazz out and do the happy, happy, joy, joy dance? Let’s hear from you Shiny Happy People!!

PS I just found this blog and her jumps put mine to shame *and she has been to Iceland, double jealous!!* BUT, I figured out the secret to life…errr photography…a remote for my camera. *SLAPS FOREHEAD* Doh! I will be buying one tomorrow so we’ll have it in time for Disneyland next month…should I splurge on a tripod too?? Brooke is a super genuis photographer, if I had my way, I would have Sarah follow us wherever we go but she’s on new bebe, Liberty, duty till February 🙁 I am totally going to try to find a photographer to have a session in London…Antz is gonna kill me because I’m gonna bug him about it until I find someone. Love this shoot, Love the poses, I’m totally having another blog crush!!

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