I’m a Friend of Gabba!!

Okay, I am obviously fronting that Olivia is the big Yo Gabba Gabba! fan but it’s really all me *and now starting to rub off on Antz* I was soo excited that Liv got her Gabbs stuff on Tuesday and even more stoked that Liv is loving her Brobee pillow.

I would LOVE to get my nails done like this for the show next week…I love how ghetto fabulous they are!!
I found these at this site that is all things YGG!
So my new thing is shoes shots…I haven’t worn my green Converse in years
 Antz Mommy hasn’t made up her mind if she’s cooking for Thanksgiving this year so we may be turkey-less. How cool is this Baskin-Robbins ice cream turkey cake?? Deliciously gluttonous.

Sorry about the schizo photos but I was having issues uploading these and I finally got them up, Success! Today was Aimee Day, we went to our favorite place in the world….
I picked up a can of pumpkin cupcake mix to make for Turkey day, I’m taking some to Aimee’s Mom’s house *we’re dropping by to let her see Liv*
The girls thought Liv was adorable and gave her this sticker

Today’s free cupcake was coconut, *gross* so I’m sending it to work with Antz to give to Leslie. We went to West Hollywood Target and I am so proud of myself, I saved $40 in coupons and used my 10% discount. I hung out at Aimee’s house for a few hours and she desperately needs my help to furnish and design her place. I’m gonna crank out a mood board for her this weekend. Tomorrow Evelyn & Dion are coming over to babysit, which means I need to pump a bottle *ew* I am mega sleepy, so sorry if this post is coming off incoherent, my brain is fuzzy!! Nighty Night!!

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