2 Days till Deathly Hallows Part One

I am such a geek, this Harry Potter is bittersweet because it’s such a tragic book and there will only be 1 more movie forever *sads* I wonder if this will be the equivalent to Star Wars to my generation for Olivia? So yesterday, I’m totally moaning and groaning about not being busy, today I was running around town running errands and now I’m beat. I took Antz car today to get it *a badly needed* wash and filled his tank up. I went to the grocery store and why did it feel like I was there for hours? I am now doing laundry, just took Liv’s week 24 *sooo many cute choices* and I even had time to cut coupons for Target tomorrow. Aimee and I are going to Sprinkles and I’m buying their pumpkin mix for my pumpkin/maple cream cheese cupcakes.

I am still undecided about our Black Friday shopping plans. I want to buy a new TV for the living room but I don’t know if I should brave the crazies at Target at 4am or try to order it online at Bestbuy.com. I am hoping Gap has a good sale so Antz can get some new shirts and pants. I would be super stoked if Anthro had a sale because I have my eye on some Christmas decorations
Boxing Day Tree Skirt

Merry Christmas Garland
Antz and I are thinking of trying to make this wreath next month.
I’m surprised no packages came today, still waiting for BabyGap, I am hoping I get it before next Wednesday because I wanted to take week 24 in her new Thanksgiving outfit.
I need to fold and put away the laundry, fun…Cheers!!

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