I’ve been Naughty!!

I’ve been pretty busy and lazy and I cannot believe I haven’t posted since Tuesday. Tuesday!! That was like 5 Mom years ago. So, Wednesday was actually a pretty laid back day, our lovely Liv turned 27 weeks old

I ran some boring errands and we sold Liv’s swing to one of our friends for *a steal* $100!

I’m really going to miss this guy, it was a gift from Gilli *my amazing acupuncturist* and it was a major life saver for helping us get her to sleep. At least we know it’s moving to a good family, my friend Roxanne is in labor as I am writing this.

Thursday was a super busy day. Antz was off so we started early and dropped Liv off at Antz Mom’s house. We picked up Aimee in Venice and can you believe we missed Black Swan AGAIN!! I don’t know why it’s so hard for us to get to Arclight on time. Since we missed the 11:20 showing, we went to West Hollywood Target. Sigh, why do I keep going to this Target? They never have this weeks magazines, they don’t have everything on my shopping list and it’s just not one of my favorite stores. It was half-fun/half-lame shopping with Antz. He was very adament about what shouldn’t go in the cart, yet he was grabbing stuff that I wouldn’t have thought of and he kept Aimee and me on a strict schedule so we wouldn’t miss the 12:30 Black Swan showing. We got to the theater, this time with plenty of time and it was surprisingly full. I guess it was so much buzz about the movie and the Arclight was the few theaters showing it before it’s full release. Holy shit!! It was sooo worth it. I was like, damn Darren, you are one dark, twisted but talented dude. I am now a fan of Mila Kunis. She used to annoy me with her cutesy routine but, I really liked her in Extract and she was bearable in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but in Black Swan she made her breakthrough. Natalie Portman was flawless of course and Vincent Cassel was really sexy *and I think he looks like a weasel*. So 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and all that critic jazz.

We had to get back to Antz Mom’s house before 3pm so we just made it *thanks to my racecar driving* and we drove all the way to Pasadena to have dinner at Afloat Sushi. Well, we were excited for Aimee to try it *we had been raving about for weeks* but 5pm was the wrong time of day to go because it was just us and another guy in there. The boats were almost totally empty. BOO!

We had to order directly from the chef which sucked because I wanted Aimee to try the stuff we didn’t know the names of. We ended up eating much less than we usually do *which I admit, is a good thing* but I didn’t feel like she got the full experience which makes the place so cool. She wants to bring her son Holden there during his Christmas break so I guess we’ll have another chance. We grabbed some ice cream *see, I never have room for dessert* and went to this store in Hollywood called Wackos. Cobb & Jenn told us about it but we underestimated the power of radness this store had. We had to pick up a birthday present for our friend Dave and Antz Secret Santa gift. We were in the store for over an hour. There was an art show taking place and we wanted to buy everything!! I took as many pics as I could but I only had my iPhone with me. We seriously LOVE this store. So many cute toys, cool books, rad stuff for our house. It was almost tooo overwhelming, even Liv was in sensory overload! These are just a few of my favorite things

Olivia was well into the spirit of things

I love these Calaveras pieces. I couldn’t find a Groom to replace the one I decapitated.

Dear Santa,
I know I have been naughty, but if you can find it in your reindeer abusing heart to please put this super rad Clockwork Orange bust under my Christmas Tree.
PS I ate all those cookies I left for you!!

They have pretty much a little bit of everything

Antz & I are self-admitted Twilight Zone nerdies. One of our favorite episodes is called The Masks and The Howling Man, therefore it should be mandatory that I own this Jason Foster/Devil toy figurine.

Aimee and I were soo creeped out when the release of the infamous “Spider Walk” from The Exorcist came out in theaters. How cool would it be to have this in our toy collection?

I LOVE Gloomy Bear!

I wannit!!!!

I love Bewitched Barbie. All I wanted in the world as a little girl was to find out I was a witch and twitch my nose like Tabitha and make magic.

Sorry so blurry, I was so excited, I didn’t focus on taking halfway decent pictures.

I adore this guys work *the striped series* however, the pieces were a bit pricey for us.

I love the vibrant colors and circus theme of these paintings

I was surprised to see my friend Danni’s work was in the show. Isn’t she talented??!!

I was drooling over these miniatures, sooo adorably morbid. Only $4,000 a pop!

The detail and realism is fucking ridiculous!

So proud of how I showed buyer’s resistence

I ended up sticking to our budget and we got a Dexter *from the TV show* bobble head for Dave *it’s his fave show* and a set of horror movie *Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th & Texas Chainsaw Massacre* toys for Antz Secret Santa *luckily he picked one of our good friends, I can’t reveal his identity just yet* I could easily spend all day in that store!

After prying me from Wackos we headed back to Venice to hang out a Aimee’s for a few hours. Antz brought his tools and hung some frames in Aimee’s living room. She loved the mood board I made for her so we have to start shopping to get her bare apartment looking pretty. We were absolutely exhausted when we got home at 11 but after putting Liv to bed, we stayed up wrapping presents. They look lovely except we need to buy ribbon.

Today Liv and I are going to the grocery store and I’m doing some much needed laundry, thrilling! Antz is working hard on a freelance project this weekend and he scored some pretty sweet finds at a Thrift store on Wednesday, so we may work on them this weekend. *photos coming soon*

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