To Wrap, or not to wrap?

That is the question! I am overwhelmed with Christmas decorating *I’ve been watching tons of Martha Stewart show, HGTV and DIY shows as well as every magazine has great ideas* so now I’m conflicted with going through the trouble of wrapping Liv’s Christmas presents. You may think, just do it, it will make for sweet photos and recently, Liv has been attempting to destroy her books when I read to her so she may be able to rip open the boxes. However, a few of her presents are oddly-sized and we don’t have a tree *per say* to put the pressies under. Well, I’ll make up my mind by Thursday when I go to Target *and I wanna buy all the pretty wrapping paper*.  I really, really want to buy these rad cookie cutters for my Christmas cookie gifts *our friends would die* but I doubt this would fly with Antz. I also just bought a cookie press but in retrospect, I am planning on putting walnuts and white chocolate chips and I don’t think they will fit in the press. Last night I watched Goddess Martha’s Cookie Special but her cookies were too over the top *gold guilding, anyone?*

So this week is pretty busy *as always* Not much scheduled until Thursday, we are taking Liv to Antz Mom’s, then picking up Aimee, going to see Black Swan, pick up Liv, go to Afloat Sushi, then Target, and back to Aimee’s house to help her hang frames and attempt to turn this…

You can see the Mona Aimee Antz painted for Aimee’s birthday
Total blank canvas, I would paint but *I’m too lazy and it’s a rental*

Her son, Holden’s surfboard and setsuit dominate the room

Icky, reminds me of our house the day we moved in, it’s GTG *got to go!*

Into this…

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