Giant Question mark hangs over my head

Apparently, I have been stripped of my farmers market queen title because I am the only person in LA that hasn’t been to the Hollywood fm and now I hear rumors that it’s endangered of being closed due to space issues. I have been invited by several people to go and yet I have impolitely flaked everytime. Gah!! So I am trying to convince my old bones to get dressed and check out what makes this farmers market so special. I was going to straighten my hair *not that I’m motivated to do it because it’s a grueling 2 hour process* but next week is Disneyland so I would like to not look like Little Orphan Annie. 

Last night our friend Carlos had a sale at his downtown loft. He had a bunch of his fancy designer friends stuff there too. We bought a bunch of adorable stuff from this designer *Rock Baby Rock*. Our friend Erin has began to make/sell candles so I am shamelessly plugging them here.

I’m bummed I couldn’t buy these rad bathing suits, but I won’t be wearing one anytime soon *and noone wants to see me in a bikini* YIKES!!!

Antz picked out her new clothes, he’s become quite the kiddie couture stylist
I win at taking this picture. It’s super hard to take a pic of all 3 of us with the Nikon *it’s heavy and the button is in an awkward position*

After the sale we walked *what I thought was a few blocks, turned out to be several long blocks* to the Nickel Diner. Blast! I hate getting tricked into exercise.

It was actually exciting/scary to walk around downtown at night. We have always driven through and said we want to walk around but there is a equal mix of rich-looking trendy people *complete with their hipster look and designer dog* and scary bummers.

Here’s my point, this sign is basically what all the bummers were up to. Antz kept saying someone was going to try to steal our camera. We looked like such naive tourists.

We were soo relieved when we made it to the diner but, unfortunately, it didn’t open until 6 so we had to find something to do for 10 minutes. Luckily, we found a book store a block away. Antz found this book for me. Swoon, he knows me so well, of course now I want it!! I adore flight attendents particularly from the 60’s.
Flight Attendents by Brian Finke.

Out on the mean streets

We made it alive!

Antz ordered a mint lemonade and grilled chicken sandwich with onion rings

I ordered an awesome cherry limeade soda pop

Antz food made me jealous I didn’t order onion rings.

My bacon/avocado burger was amazing *yet messy* but my micro fries got 2 thumbs down!

I somehow managed to make room for dessert

Antz really wanted a bacon donut *they are famous for them* and we found out they were sold out of them *LAME* So he ended up with a Irish carbomb *Guinness crumble and Jameson-infused cream filing donut*. I stuck with a classic, good ole fashioned red velvet cake *SUPER YUMMY!!*

The bacon donut taunts us

My most favorite photo of Antz & Olivia
I would definitely go back to this place, the pictures don’t do the decor justice. I want to go with our friends Nic & Ale *we don’t get to hang out with them enough*

When we got home, Antz & I were super tired. I can’t believe how early we go to bed now. I am typically a night owl but I guess Liv waking up around 7am is conditioning my body to sleep early. I am going to straighten my hair tomorrow *I have to just to relieve Antz of my complaining that my hair is so gross*

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