We’re going to DISNEYLAND!!!

YAY!! I am super excited today is Liv’s 1st trip to Disneyland!! I completely procrastinated on straightening my hair so I have to do that as soon as I finish this post. *I’m been mega lame lately, sorry* Right now my hair is looking like a 70’s shag carpet and a sheeps ass so I need an intervention! So, the plan is to somehow get a picture with Mickey for our Christmas cards. I am worried because someone else taking the pic, it may not turn out so great. Oh well, I can’t sulk about it. It’s pretty chilly for Disneyland but hopefully the sun will come out by the time we get there and it won’t be madhouse crowded. The last time we went *California Adventures* was Easter of 2008.

Yes, I am one of those nerds that collects pins! I only have 9 but I only collect Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio so maybe I’ll add some more today.

 We are planning to buy new hats, I’m still debating if I want a Christmas hat but I do have the 50th Anniversary Golden Ears, my favorite Spring 2007 ears *as seen above*, the Jack Skellington ears and plain old Mickey ears, why not add Christmas ones. Liv is getting the “My 1st trip” ears. We are a little worried *well, mostly Antz* that someone will steal our stroller while we are on the rides but honestly, who goes to Disneyland to steal strollers? Ours has been looking pretty beat up so I’m sure it will be ok. I’m more concerned that me paying $35 for the VIP tickets for the World of Color show will be worth staying until 8pm tonight.

She just keeps growing….

and growing…

Later Skaters!!

2 thoughts on “We’re going to DISNEYLAND!!!

  1. OMG! Have fun! We're planning on taking Olivia to Disneyland with my parents in a couple of weeks. Let me know how Liv does…I don't know if Olivia can stand being out all day!

    Wow, I didn't think about the stroller issue! I'm taking my beat up stroller frame then and hope someone takes it! LOL!

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