That is the status of my *now old* iphone screen. This morning I went to Ikea to help the BFF find some cute things for her apartment. Aimee devoured Swedish meatballs and cold salmon while I ate 3 grapes from a fruit salad which was more honeydew than anything else. I even brought my own water so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy lemonade in the cafe.

As I was shoving Liv’s diaper bag under her stroller, my iphone fell out of the side pocket and fell the great distance of less than 6 inches. I drop my phone on a daily basis so this isn’t new for me but when I looked at the screen, I saw it was shattered like a mirror. D’OH!! I was sooo mega bummed because when I bought the phones back in June, the saleswoman was trying hard to get me to sign up for the additional warranty. Being budget-minded at the time, I confidently declined, so of course, it comes back to bite me in the arse! Well, I called AT & T *useless, I know* and they said all I could do was take it to the Apple store and see if it’s covered under the limited warranty. I just rolled my eyes because from my experience *even when I had the extended warranty coverage* I haven’t been able to get anything repaired from Apple for under $200! BOO!! Well, I made an appt and went in with low expectations. I was thinking worst case scenario, the phone was still working, I could sell it for parts on eBay for $20 and buy a new phone. The Apple guy *who was super cute* looked at it and said, if you knew how many people this happens to. He said there was a construction worker who dropped his phone from 3 story buildings with had no damage but drop it 6 inches and it’s pulverized! Apple guy was so cool, at first he gave me the yadda, yadda…no warranty coverage…it costs $200 for a replacement phone spiel but he must have made a Be awesome New Years Resolution because he told me if I bought the extended warranty for $69, he would give me a replacement phone free. WHAAA? Plop went my Visa and in 15 minutes I had a shiny new iPhone. Talk about Winner!! *points at this girl*

So I am back in love with Apple and I am vowing to NEVER drop this new phone *yeah right, they make these phones small enough and nothing that you can tie around it just so it does drop* but I am looking at buying this awesome case *made of environmentally friendly bamboo* to protect it better than my thin, plastic Hello Kitty bumper has been.

I tried out Liv’s new Babylegs *an awesome gift from Antz sister, Debra* and I am addicted!! I am ready to buy her like 10 pair. I was worried about what size to order *newborn or regular* but obviously she needs regular for her cute, chubby legs *too bad her Mom’s legs aren’t cute, just chubby*. I took some adorable photos with Liv & Lola.

I couldn’t get her to sit still but I love how adorable she looks with her Babylegs!!

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