Measuring, measuring….ooh!

This word is haunting me! I wanted to spare myself the daily scrutiny of weighing but it seems I may have to in order to track my progress. So I step onto the board and wait with nervous anticipation while the Mii tells me she is measuring, measuring…last night I lost .9 lbs but it was the same .9 lb I somehow gained Monday. I suppose I should stop breathing because everything I do consumes calories. Last night I did the Island lap run for 15 minutes. This would be a fun, light run for my skinny bitches friends but for me, it was a major feat. I was sweating, huffing and puffing. I am stunned I finished it. I actually added strength training to my routine since my muscles are close to atrophying from non use. I am sore today but overall I feel good psychically and mentally. I just have to keep this up for the next 8 weeks.

Today Liv and I are going to the Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood to pick up some healthies. These are the produce that is in season now:

Winter Squash

We’ve tried Winter squash, kale and chard. Broccoli is not a good idea because it causes extreme gas *and Liv has enough of that on her own* Doc Wang said to not give her any citrus just yet so that leaves apples, pears and beets *no way turnips* This morning she tried her first official fruit….organic bananas!!

I think I am ready to start combining foods from my baby cookbook.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, Aimee and I are going back to Ikea to find a TV stand and I need to go to Target. Now forgive my lazy ass but I need a nap, all this eating right and exercise has made me sleepy so Liv and I will catch a catnap. Au revoir

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  1. First thing- I am in LOVE with Liv's eyelashes! & her hair!! Omg, she's adorable! Definitely need to get her in like baby modeling or something! U can just eat her up she's so cute!!

    Secondly- one thing I learned very very quickly last time I tried to do this whole losing weight thing… A- take a few pictures of yourself (for your eyes only). Some fully clothed, like you're doing mug shots kinda.. lol Front, sides, back. Then take some with just some shorts & a sports bra and do the same thing (front, sides, back). This way, in a month or so, you do it again. The changes are very motivational! B- DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF EVERYDAY!! Once a day, same time, same clothes. Trust me, it'll save your sanity! If you have to for your Wii, then don't look. It doesn't matter. Your weight will change everyday. Fluctuate like crazy! It'll really play tricks on you. So, just don't do it! It can be very discouraging at times. (And Lord knows we don't need that!) C- Get a measuring tape (the kind you measure your body with, not your furniture, haha) and do measurements. I used to do them with my trainer once a month, but you can do it maybe once every other week. Do this, b/c sometimes the scale is more harm than good. You may only lose 5 lbs on the scale, but you lose a few inches off your waist, or legs, or etc. I used to measure my arms (upper & lower), legs (calves & thighs), chest, belly (the largest part),neck and hips. It is QUITE amazing to see the inches melt off! D- Go to a store. Pick out an outfit or a dress. One that's 2 or 3 sizes too small. Hang it up. In your bedroom, in your closet, wherever. Somewhere that you will see it every single day. I'm sure you can guess, it's great motivation. B/c you will WANT to go do your workouts & eat healthy when you're seeing that all the time & the excitement of starting all this wears off. Also, do you have a picture of yourself at your smallest? Is that your goal weight? Hang that picture up somewhere. I used to hang mine up on my mirror in my room. Every morning I'd see it while getting ready!

    I THINK that's all I can think of right now.. Sorry for such a long comment, but I just love getting to share my knowledge on this stuff. Hope it helps you!

  2. Awww, gee thanks. I want to get her into modeling *maybe acting too* but I'm waiting until she's 9 months *most agencies want 9 months minimum*

    You must be reading my mind!! I did take pics *in a sports bra, yuck!* and I videoed my first workout *mortifying*. I completely agree, numbers mean nothing, it's how your body looks and how clothes fit. I did try to convince Antz I needed an Anthropologie dress in a smaller size as my motivator but he thinks I should have it as a reward dress *BOO!* I don't like the idea of weighing myself everyday but it's the only way to track the progress on Wii Fit *this morning I lost another .9 lbs* I do need to measure myself *even though it will bum me out* I love the tips!! How's your Resolutions going? 🙂

  3. I wish I could say I'm doing awesome with my resolutions, but that just isn't the case.. Today really gave me a kick in my ass tho b/c I went to my dr & was weighed and I was like “ok, no more waiting! No more excuses!!” So, I'm going to try and get all this stuff started on a very limited budget! (losing weight is not cheap!) But, I figure if I just make slight changes now, then when AJ starts working (in the next week or 2, YAY!) then I can really kick ass at it.. Wish me luck!

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