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I am feeling a bit down in the dumps because A. I’m disappointed we couldn’t go hiking this past Sunday and B. I weighed myself on Wii fit today *after what I thought was a kickass workout* and I’ve gained .9 lbs!! Of course January is the month of nonstop Weight Watchers and fitness center commercials and somehow my DVR is conspiring against me by mistakenly recording an episode of I Used to be Fat. Well, I still am and I must do something about it. I am usually not so wrapped up in my weight, calorie counting or exercise but I have a new perspective, Olivia. Like it or not, I am her role model. What I eat, how I behave and my image will one day become mimicked by Liv. As confident as I may feel inside *I’m fabulous and I own it*, I don’t want to continue poor nutrition and lack of fitness habits that Liv may one day pick up. I am so thrilled she is loving her veggies but now she is staring me down while I eat ice cream or chips with a look of astonishment. Can I please vote for being pregnant for 2 years?? I actually lost weight *I know, I’m a freak of nature* whilst I was preggers. You could see in my face *only 1 1/2 chins* and my back how much slimmer I was 7 months ago. I was eating whatever I wanted and noone was looking at me with disgust. People opened doors for me with a smile and the clothes….heavenly, maxi dresses, loose tunics, leggings everyday. Now when I wear a maxi dress it looks like I’m modeling a tent. I adore having Olivia here but I miss those carefree eat/nap all day preggers days. Not to miss the point, I have a new perspective, start buying food with the same care and thoughtfulness as I do our daughter. I wouldn’t give her anything non-organic or fresh, so why not us? I think juice will rot her *non existent teeth* yet I’ll consume gallons of CranGrape and lemonade *the yummiest nectar on the planet* I am no longer going to be a contradiction. I hated when my own Mother gave me the “Do as I say, not as I do” creed, so I’ll have to change my act before Liv gets any older. I want to be successful not for vanity, but I want to practice what I preach. When I bought the Beaba Babycook, everyone asked me if I would be eating the same veggies I prepare for Liv. I told them no way, GROSS. Now I get it! *Light bulb flashes over my head* I definitely want to set an example for my kid but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t want to live the rest of my life avoiding fast food or having to bring my own snacks to a party *that is mega weird* That’s why Weight Watchers and diets don’t appeal to me. I want to enjoy food not stress over it. I want to be spontaneous, not have to eat the same boring salad everyday at noon. Well, the only reasonable answer I could come up with is to try to find balance. Eat what I like but less of it. As I mentioned in my resolutions, no ordering large servings. Only drink water during the week *both has been pretty easy to abide by*, no more late night meals and snacking, and eat more veggies!! I really enjoyed working out with the Wii fit today *until I weighed myself* so to avoid discouragement, I will only weigh myself once a week. I am excited to start going to volleyball again and I know when I start seeing Gilli *when Antz Mom returns from Mexico* she’ll get my body readjusted. I am actually glad I am surrounded by all this weight loss propaganda, it’s quite the motivator! I even found my muse, this chick is fucking rad and I want to be her….


Good news is we may have a wedding to attend in September and it would be pretty rad to fit nicely into this little number by then, the dress happens to be on sale too.

While I’m at it, this head piece by Band.o is looking pretty sweet


I love a simple, chic chignon!!
I forgot to mention, I practiced French today and I actually retained a few phrases. I can say Check Please, I am allergic to and excuse me excellently. I still want to buy that Rosetta Stone from Craigslist, s’vous plait!!

3 thoughts on “New Perspectives

  1. Hey hun! I can completely relate… I've been feeling like such a fatty lately.. I'm sure all the talk about new year's resolutions & all that doesn't help. I've made up my mind to get a new BodyBugg as soon as I get some extra $$. You should check it out so you can at least keep track of the calories you're putting out.. It's a really great system & totally worked for me. All you have to do is make sure you have a deficit of a certain amt every day. They do it on the Biggest Loser if you've ever watched it.. (SUCH a great motivation & awesome Wii game as well!) I have to go see my dr about my back and then, it's on like donkey kong! But, the cool thing about the bodybugg is you get to still eat things you like, u just have to work it into your calories.. Another thing I will recommend is, if you like ice cream like me, Skinny Cow ice cream! OMG! So good for way less calories.. You would NEVER guess it was “good for you”.. And hey, it got Oprah's approval, so that's gotta say something.. We need to like swap #s or become fb friends so we can kinda do this together.. If only we lived closer! We could totally work out together!! Oh well, U'll be here in spirit! Good luck, sweetie! U CAN DO IT!!

    **I miss the preggo days too!**

  2. I love it, you are my new official trainer!! Wii fit is going well but I get bored super easy. Antz and I bought an app for our iphones to track our food and fitnes daily but it's a pain in the ass to remember to keep track. I really wish I had a pool. Right before my wedding I swam laps everyday at lunch and I lost so much weight and toned my arms, legs and back. I am hoping I'll become more active this year since I'm taking Liv to a dance class in March. I'll have to check out that Skinny Cow ice cream, it's gonna be torture to get rid of my beloved Haagen Dazs ice cream bars. 🙁

  3. HAHAHA It's funny, b/c, for being overweight myself, I am VERY knowledgable about how to lose weight! haha definitely look into the BodyBugg as a way to keep track of things.. It can get pretty tedious, but it also makes you WAY more cautious about what you're putting in your mouth when you have a set amount of calories you're allowing yourself.. Plus, now they have an app that comes with the BodyBugg that you can put on your iPhone that you can plug in shit.. I think… I'll have to look more into that. It's either you can put your stuff in, or it lets you see what you're burning if you choose to not get the little watch thingy majigg.. I'm not sure! But, another way to log your food stuff is to just have a small notepad in your purse & just write it down.. Takes a few extra mins, but it's totally worth it! In about 2 or so months, I had lost around 30-40 lbs! Totally worth the extra hassle! After a while, it becomes 2nd nature & you don't even think about how much of a pain it is! I need to get started on a Wii program… What game do you use? You should def check out biggest loser, if you havne't already! (The show & the game!) The show is very inspirational & motivational & the game, it will kick ur ass in just 15 mins! They have it to where you can choose an amt of time and they give you diff workouts all the time.. I only used it like twice, b/c I got it RIGHT before I found out I was pregnant… So.. yeah, check it out! Let me know what you think of Skinny Cow! I love it, & if you don't, I'll be shocked! Try the fudge bars and the icecream cookies.. OMG! So good! Not a fan of the cones, but that's with any of 'em.. But yeah, let me know if I give good advice! lol We can do this!!!

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