Olivia Lily’s Greatest Hits

This Sunday Antz made a shocking discovery. Liv is cutting her first tooth!!! HOLY BALLS!

You can barely see it, but we can feel the ridges
Can you see the faint outline?
This feels so epic. My lovely is making huge developments everyday.
I enrolled Liv in the sippy cup academy.

Antz doesn’t seem so keen on her using a sippy cup *he thinks she’ll hit her lip on the cup* but I am relentless. Another development I am most excited about is somehow Liv learned how to blow raspberries *well, I suppose she learned it from me, I give her raspberries on her tummy everytime I change her* so one night she crawled up onto my belly, I thought she was trying to go after my boob *not loving that she pulls at my shirt all the time* but instead she lifted my shirt and gave me the loudest raspberry on my tummy. I, of course, video-ed it but my tummy is way to gross to post here. It was rad though, trust me!
She is pulling herself up using her walker and standing/walking assisted

This morning Mr Mailman finally delivered my orders.

My friend Aura suggested to buy books in French to help us both learn.
I am loving her Uggs but they are mighty big, they are size 12 – 24 months so at least she’ll grow into them.
Tomorrow I’m going to go to CVS to print out photos of Liv since so many people ask to see them and I show them my iphone but they are too small *for older folks, you know they are afraid of technology* I was going to wait until we had all 52 weeks of her pics but we have more than half and I want to put together a scrapbook for her.
Olivia Lily 31 Weeks

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  1. That is so awesome! Go Olivia!! She's such a doll! I actually have one of those sippy cups for Lily with her name on it! They're so cute! She uses it every now and then, but tends to get frustrated b/c I guess she doesn't get the whole “you have to suck on it to get the water/juice out” aspect of it.. it's cute none-the-less! Tell Antz not to worry! With all the things they chew on when they teethe, I don't think it'll hurt her to use the sippy. Plus, if he gets too worried, they have sippy cups with softer spouts.. Congrats on the tooth!! They're growin up way too fast!!

    BTW, I've been meaning to ask, are you 2 planning on having another baby someday, or is this it?

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