Jonesin’ for Steve

I am pretty sure I have professed my love for Steve Jones of Better Shelter in the past. Today my crush just reached another level. I heart him not in a creepy sexual way, *Steve, you’re adorable but sadly I’m taken* I have a serious crush on his stellar design style. He is my Jeff Lewis *who used to do it for me but I hate to say he’s lost his touch, blame Bravo* I have followed Steve’s flips throughout Los Angeles for over a year now and this guy has panache! I always wonder if he has ever sold any of his properties fully furnished. I would die to buy one of his gorgeous flips! I am blown away by his attention to detail, his devotion to keepin’ it retro while maintaining his modern combo of perfection with dreamy dark hardwood floors and bright, crisp white walls. So I was slightly overwhelmed when I had to chance to peep peek into his own home over at Apartment Therapy. Not overwhelmed by the style and loveliness of his habitat, I’ve come to expect that from him but he lives so modestly. I didn’t expect a 4 story-Los Feliz Cecil B. DeMille mega mansion, but his 1200 sq ft WeHo home seems itty, bitty for such a real estate mogul.

My design crush, Steve-sy. Everytime I look at him I imagine a slingshot in his back pocket and he says “Neato!” often

So LOVE the fox! One day I hope I am brave enough to own a rad piece of taxidermy *something small like a bat or a little owl* I adore his funky collection of art portraits.


Swoon, the staircase is like heaven, reminds me of an Abbey in 17th Century Paris.
If only we could make our backsplash this awesome
Small but efficient galley kitchen
 His yard left me a bit disappointed, although the Louis Ghost Chairs *holy shit, the Dub has a store??!!* are the bomb. Where’s the pool? I failed to see a FABulous outdoor kitchen or a kitschy Tiki bar! Steeeee-ve!


His house is beautiful but I have seen so many divine flips by him, I get the feeling he is like those hairdressers who can do hair superbly yet their own hair looks a mess. I would love to be a house flipper, with a fat wallet. It would so much fun taking something ugly but with good bones and giving it the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman makeover.

Geesh, now that I think of it, that reference is super dated!!

Highland Park is the new Pretty Woman sans the huge, goofy grin. Everywhere I look I see houses getting flipped and lovely shops, bars and restaurants are popping up.

La Cuevita formally Little Cave
After months of peeking behind their curtains, Ba has finally opened!
Can’t wait to give the French menu a taste…looks tres magnifique!

Not only is HP the hot spot, there’s a new gourmet market/deli/bakery *dubbed the West Coast Dean & Deluca* opening this fall in Atwater Village.

Bon Vivant market

ANDSew LA *a lovely fabric shop I’ve been lusting to take a class at forever* is moving from Silverlake to Atwater. This Friday they are having an open house that we are hoping to check out. I am also super excited that Liv will be starting Create Together classes in June. I have a feeling we will have a busy summer.

Tomorrow my bestie is coming on my side of town and *weather permitting* I’m gonna take her on a walking tour of York Blvd. Hopefully she’ll like the coffee at Highland Cafe but she’s a loyal Starbucker or is it Starbuckee?


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