Aimee’s Housewarming/Birthday Party

I did the unthinkable this weekend…I took a vacation from the interwebs for 36 hours!! After I got over the initial tweaking from not facebooking or twitter twattering, I cleaned *I mean, really cleaned* the kitchen, washed all the towels and bedding, slept and got ready for Aimee’s party. We dropped off Liv with Antz Mommy and we arrived at her place at 7pm. I apologize but I have no time to put these in their proper order. You can see from the photos the debauchery that ensued. I made the vodka watermelon but didn’t drink anything. So yesh, that is me NOT drunk!! However Aimee was well past tipsy by the time the first guests arrived. I love my lovely BFF!! The party was super fun.

Check out how creepy my camera turned out
It appears noone got a picture of my paper stars 🙁
Okay so here’s the most important element of the evening…ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, THE FASCINATOR!!

I tried it out on Liv first

Aimee’s place looked adorable! Our friend Janelle loaned Aimee her white *milk glass* vases for flowers and now I want to start collecting them. Unfortunately, my camera failed me again and I didn’t get any great shots of the milk glass but it’s lovely.

We finally got her Annabella Lwin poster framed and hung


Antz drew this portrait of Aimee and Holden like a million years ago. Practically all the art in her place was made by Antz.

More art by Antz

Aimee and her fantastic apartment manager, Gigi!

This is Jennifer, Aimee’s tattoo artist

A toast bitches!!

Aimee’s bosses *they brought lovely bubbily and flowers*

Aimee’s date…Joey

OMG! We all used to work together at Starbucks at the mall….soooo long ago!!

I collected money from everyone for her tattoo fund and of course she cried like a baby and told everyone how much she loves me. I love you too babe!

Carlos gave Aimee a custom rad tee from his new line Secession. He’s soo on the verge of being too cool for a nerd like me. Seriously, he’s blowing up, he’s really awesome!

Thats how the night ended. We put party girl to bed and spent the night at Antz Mom’s house since wewere soo tired and we didn’t want to wake up Liv.

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