Sprinkle some Valentines Day LOVE

Yesterday we picked up Aimee and went to our fave spot Sprinkles. As I excepted, it was packed…
like, a line around the block.

All those bags are preorders. Sprinkles is making a killing…$$

this is just a 10th of the line!

We pre-ordered so we walked right in and out, VIP status.
So we drove back to her house, put Liv in her stroller and hit the boardwalk *eye roll, I can’t stand the Venice boardwalk, full of bummers, weed peddlers and annoying tourists* but I digress, we were delivering cupcakes to Mr Big who was playing at the paddle tennis courts.

Aimee *who looked adorable* gave him his cupcakes and informed him, he was her Valentine. Mr Big was grinning ear to ear!!

OMG, I know, I should call him Mr Huge. He is the sweetest guy ever. Liv is a big fan of his.

Yep, Aimee is dating a Sparten from Belgium!!

We hung out and tried our best to cheer him on during an intense game *but who were we fooling? we were lost at who was winning* however Mr Big won and Aimee got a kiss on the cheek because they are PG13 like that. I need to make up my mind what to do for my birthday. I would like to double date with them but choose a place we can take Liv.
I am still sicko and it appears to be finding its way to Antz. Last night he was coughing and his throat is dry, BOO! Nonetheless we had a sweet Valentines night, understated but perfect for us. I am thinking of trying this restaurant this weekend in Eagle Rock called Larkins. The owner also owns Mac & Cheza but to be honest, I didn’t love the food so I am apprehensive about trying Larkins but the place is so cute and I’ve read quite a few good reviews about them on yelp *despite many warning that its overpriced* We can see if our niece and nephew want to check it out. Speaking of them, they got their PeaceCorp assignment
They are going to PARAGUAY!!!

Umm, hello Iguazu Falls *nominee for a Natural Wonder of the World* SCORE!!! And guess who happens to be right next door in Peru?

Machu Picchu
I couldn’t be happier for them! We will Skype them all the time and hopefully visit *just another place to add to my endless places to go list*
Now I’ve got a vanilla cupcake with my name all over it! Lates

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