Dear Olivia,

Thank you for bringing so much bliss, fulfillment, patience, sense of calm and smiles *that absolutely melt me* to my life. Ever since I found out I was having my little girl, I have had butterflies in my stomach from excitement. I’ve envisioned you at ballet class wearing your pink leotard and tutu, riding your first pony and your Dad proudly framing your first *of millions* drawing. I am trying to soak up the present time with you. Your newborn days were a blink, I already miss the days when you couldn’t sit up on your own, when you slept all day and I couldn’t bare to put you down. One night in particular I remember being up with you in a sleep-deprived stupor, feeling paralyzed with fear that I wouldn’t give you everything you deserved, that I wasn’t strong enough to be your Mom, your confider, your teacher, your cheerleader. I cried so hard and prayed for the strength to go beyond my self *and selfishness* for you. How would I pass the wisdom my Mom has instilled in me to you? Then you opened your eyes and I stared at you and felt strong. I felt like I was more than prepared to deal with anything life would throw my way because I had you. The hard part was over. You were here in my arms and safe, healthy, beautiful and lovely. It felt like I was meant to be your Mother.

Then your personality sprung up overnight. *Which proves that you are our kid*

You began to break records in milestones, smiling, laughing, sitting up, sleeping through the night. You gave me such a joyful pregnancy, a piece of cake birth and a rad infancy, I feel we hit the jackpot. The days I spend with you are invaluable. I feel like every time I smell you, hear you or touch you, I am indebted. I am filled with gratitude that you are our daughter. I am proud that you are ours. I am unconditionally in love with you. I wanted you for so long, now that I have you, I want to shower you with kisses.

I love you, I love you truly, truly I do!!
Your Mommy

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