Three day weekend, Whoo hoo!

There’s nothing I love more than having a 3 day weekend with my lovelies. So far we haven’t done much but today was super fun. We picked up our niece and nephew, Evelyn & Dion and we went to the Beverly Hills farmers market *where they are celebs among the vendors* I pigged out on kettle korn and we had roach coach carne asada tacos *a Highland Park delicacy*. Then we got competitive playing Scattegories and Trivia Pursuit all night.

I really love hanging out with them. They are such fun and so smart. I am so conflicted about them leaving for Paraguay in May. I really want them to go, travel to a foreign land, enjoy the life of adventure together but for my own selfish reasons I don’t want them to miss out on the next 3 years of Liv’s life. Oh well, she will skype, and correspond with them often. I am crossing my fingers we may even visit them but honestly I wouldn’t last a day without American food and modern conveniences *hello, I’m high maintenance*

So tomorrow we are doing our preliminary shopping for our bathroom remodel. I want to go to tile stores, find a company to replaster our tub and showerwall and get our plumber Malcolm, to give us a serious quote for repairing our plumbing *he always says I’ll give you a definite number next time but never does* It would also be rad to replace our water heater *which is older than dirt* and find a good, affordable electrician to repair our floodlight and the light in Liv/Antz closet.

I’ll post my finding tomorrow.

Nighty Night!

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