Renovation Reality

Yesterday we checked out the Mission West Tile & Kitchen showroom. To quote Ricky Ricardo “Aye, yi yi, yi!” We expected to slip in, peek at the price tag *throw up in our mouth a little* steal some pics and head to Lowes to find a cheap replica. Didn’t pan out quite like that. We walked in to be greeted by Kathy *imagine a younger, glasses-free version of Diane Keaton in any of her recent rom-coms*

this chick was too chic for us. It didn’t help that I dressed like a teenager who doesn’t own a brush. So, she gave us the Pretty Woman Rodeo Drive salewoman look when we told her we were shopping for fixtures for our 20’s Craftsman. Luckily she seemed to dig that we owned a Craftsman home so she began to print faucets, showerheads and vanities for what she determined was “our budget”. Funny how she didn’t ask us our budget until I showed interest in a fabulous sink faucet. When I told her we wanted to spend 3 grand, she told me that the faucet was half our budget. Nothing had a price on it but you could assume everything was in the 4 digit realm. As beautiful as the products were, even if I had the cash to spend, I couldn’t justify spending that much for a lousy sink or tile floors.

This is the tile I want to put in our bathroom *although it does photograph dark, boo* but we’ll be purchasing our tile from Home Depot for $39 per case *opposed to $39 per tile from this place*

I am in love with this wall mounted faucet. I also love this backsplash *however I have to stay neutral for resale*
I was too chicken to get anymore pictures but Kathy gave me a ton of brochures *which of course don’t have any prices* I need to get Malcolm over here to give me a quote for the plumbing but my friend Mia has a good plumber so maybe I’ll have him give us a quote too. I am hoping to start the work in March but I’d like Antz to take time off work.
I forgot to mention that while we were out with Evelyn & Dion on Sunday we stopped at a fabric shop and bought some felt in hot pink and yellow. I have been wanting to sew some couch cushions since I saw an article about them in Readymade but I am second guessing the color choices. I was thinking of creating these

How cute are these? I need to buy more felt and thread. So many projects coming up…Bathroom, new dining table, and veggie garden. This weekend we discovered that Liv has outgrown her See Kai Run red shoes, so I bought these this morning *both on sale, yay me!*

I forgot to mention Saturday morning my services were enlisted to help Story pick something to wear to her friend’s upcoming wedding in San Francisco in March. Of course I tried my best to put her in the tightest Kim Kardassian *I know that’s a typo but it’s appropriate* dress. I LOVE her in this outfit, those Calvin Klein peeptoes are major but they didn’t have them in her size *or mine, boo*
My favorite, she looks HOT!!

This dress was cute but not fancy enough for a wedding

Va-va-voom!! Story liked this sexy number I picked! Winner 🙂

The winning heels, I loved playing Project Runway with her, she will look mega fierce!!

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