9 months of Liv

So I am in denial, our Olivia cannot be 9 months old!! That’s bananas. It was just 9 months ago I was preggers with this incredible girl and now she’s almost a year old. *MIND BLOWN!!* I can’t imagine her getting any more awesome than she is now. Our girl has 3 teeth, she will not let me photograph the newest addition. She is clapping, standing every chance she gets and crawling at the speed of a racehorse. Just the other day she flew down the hallway and into the bathroom where I was blowdrying my hair. It’s time to maybe purchase a safety gate and we have to hide any electrical cords *since she is mesmorized by them*.

Today we celebrated Liv’s big 9 at the park. She loved the slide *which gave her serious static cling and she kept shocking me* and the swings. I love this park in South Pasadena because it’s never crowded, has the perfect size swings and doesn’t have sand *seriously, whoever thought sand was a wise choice for children to play on is a complete moron* Sorry, I left the Nikon at home so I only had my cell and got these crappy shots/video*

I am waiting for Antz to add her week 39 graphics but he just got back from San Francisco this afternoon so he’s on a well deserved break. I don’t remember if I mentioned it but I booked the W San Diego for Liv’s 1st birthday extraganza!! I am stoked for a mini vacation although I’ve already been there *boo*
Happy Happy 9 months Olivia Lily!!
Love ya to the MAX ❤❤❤

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