Date Night

Not so much this type of night but a lovely evening in Little Tokyo at our favorite sushi place, Tenno Sushi. Friday night isn’t the best night to dine there because they were s    l    o   w…it was funny because our waitress asked us how was everything twice while we had only been served water in a half an hour. However we made friends with the couple next to our table *after being served their sushi accidentally* after our yummy meal *Liv dined on peas, bananas and apricot juice* we took a walk through Little Tokyo.

Liv rocked her new pink converse *finally a pair of shoes she cannot take off, WIN!*

Translation: Japanese Restaurant in case you were wondering

*Me going a little stir crazy waiting for our eel!!*

SCORE, I got a pic of her bottom teeth! YAY!!

The store indeed was ILL!
Me likey Japanese dragons that cost $2500.
We went to Hold Up Art gallery to find the most awesome, magnificent, gnarly show. I am in LOVE with this artist Sean D’Anconia *heart*

Two of my favorite things Hello Kitty & Gloomy Bear *I wannit!!!*
We stopped by one of my favorite store, Kools, and I asked if they carried the adorable Hello Kitty bag I saw last time we were there *totally not expecting them to still have it in stock*

YAY!!! I got my early birthday present!! Thanks hunnie bunnie 🙂
So typically I *try to* stay away from Hello Kitty bags, I have been an avid HK fan since the early 80’s and I have learned through trial and error that they are made to be super cute to overcompensate for the fact that they are poorly made with low grade materials. Not the case with my new bag, it’s not Sanrio brand therefore it’s made with better quality and comes with a dust bag *hello, Sanrio, purses get dirty without them*
So now I’m all smiles and on the drive home I stopped on the side of an abandoned building *because thats how I roll* and Antz snapped these pictures *safely from the car* that I’ve been saying I’ve wanted to take ever since I saw the incredibly beautiful graffiti wall on the outskirts of downtown LA. Love it!!
Monster make friend?

Antz instructions was “Look weird!”
I look DIRRRRTTY!! No makeup and just washed hair equals mediocre Lizzie

If I were a graffiti artist, this is most likely what I would draw…er, umm I mean tag?

I love this ghetto fabulous wannabe Angelina Jolie, that’s a good look for her.
Once we got home I decided to put technology to the test and try out these nail stickers I keep seeing in magazines. I have a serious issue with keeping my polish chip free *despite allowing hours to let them dry, dipping them in ice cold water to seal them and using high grade chip impossible top coats* so here’s my review.
Nice color selection, I got gold glitter, neon green and hot pink…you know hooker colors. I love that there is no drying time involved, no matter what I do whenever I finish painting my nails to perfection, I always seem to have to go to the bathroom and end up in smudgeville, BOO! I did not like that there is 2 layers to peel, the first has a tab and wasn’t a problem but the second top layer gave me trouble because I clumsily ripped the polish part and when I peeled off the rest of top layer it caused air bubbles in my polish *although I did figure out how to smooth them* overall, it’s a cool product but sadly I only finished one thumb because I’m a Mom ie: I never have time and I really didn’t have the patience to finish the rest *but I will in the morning*
**update** These stickers are a total Monet *that’s Clueless speak for cute from a distance, a mess up close* I can’t believe my right hand turned out better than my left, oh well Antz said they look like they are for teenagers so I guess that’s appropriate for me!
Well, I’m going to watch Waiting for Superman *which I’m certain will piss me off *thank God Liv is going to private school!!*
I leave you with WINNING!!!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! By the way, the pic that you show with my name under was done my Misha, not by me. The one just to the right which is cut off is mine.
    Sean ^0^

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