Antz is leaving on a jet plane…

…but he’ll be back tomorrow. I dropped him and Story off this morning at Burbank airport. They are going to a party *lucky ones, huh* tonight in San Francisco. I would have joined him if he was staying at the W but no thanks, he’s at the Holiday Inn *yuck*. So after I dropped them off I decided to stop by the HeartBeat House dance studio in Atwater to check when the spring classes would be available. Good thing I did because I was able to drop in and join the World Citizen Toddler class. WOW! It was so awesome. The instructor Sarah was really sweet and engaging with Liv. The class is taught in several languages *love* and the kids get to play various instruments and sing songs. She played Aretha Franklin and Manu Chau *Aimee’s favorite* I tried my best to get pics but I didn’t want to seem like paparazzi in front of all the breastfeeding Mommies *seriously, everyone in that joint were whipping out titties like nothing and their kids looked well older than a year, some looked closer to 2*. Liv did so well, she bounced up and down and grabbed the shakers *but was much more interested in eating them than shaking them. I wish I knew we would be dancing because I had on a skirt and had to wear some ugly socks I had in my car. I want to sign up for the April class.

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