Babies are sneaky…

This is by far one of my favorite movies. Aside from the obvious adorableness from Maya Rudolph *who was really preggers during the filming* and John Krasinski, it’s directored by *Kate Winslet’s ex hubby* Sam Mendes, has Maggie Gyllenhaal *crush* and Catherine O’ Hara *so funny* On top of this cake of radness is part of the film is set in *I want to go to there* Montreal!!

Here’s a snippet of what makes this movie so stellar

So my Mumsy stopped by on Saturday and we went to breakfast at Cindy’s *our fave local diner*

Then we went to Home Depot so my Mom could help us look for materials for our floor tile. She is loaning us her wet saw, so that’s saving some $$ already!! The guy in the tile dept was super nice and helped us procure everything we need. I would have bought it all then but Malcolm *the Plumber* is coming over on Tuesday to give us a repair quote and I want to make sure we are staying on budget. Antz said he’d rather hire someone to install the tile but I am gung-ho about DI-Ourselves *hopefully I won’t regret it later*. It sounds seemingly easy and I picked up these 2 books to read up on

So I was all set to find the hexagon tile sans the black *as seen in my mood board*
Until….I spied with my little eye…
You had me at $25.70 per box!!!

With all the tile *3 boxes, materials, grout, supplies* the total to do the floor will be $225 with tax
*Duh, WINNING!!!!*

We scoured Goddess Martha’s paint swatches and came up with these intriguing colors. Antz and my Mommy prefer a darker grey *we are using a natural grey grout* so Winter’s Day was the clear winner. Pure white will be the trim but we want to be certain it will match with the tub/wall reglazing.
We bought 2 squares of tile to sample at home. My only concern is what we’ll do with this hideous brass threshold strip?

Our cringeworthy laminate floor, I cannot wait until it’s gone!!
So last week Antz found this guy at Home Depot

The price is so right but the color is ALL wrong. The exact same sink/vanity combo in rich and yummy espresso is $198, Lame!

So we are considering painting the natural vanity and throwing on some fancy Anthropologie knobs and a minimalist faucet…?
When we put Winter’s Day on the wall with the lights on, it suddenly felt too dark for such a small space. I put all the greys I had up to the white trim and the blue canvas and we unamimously picked Driftwood grey as the new winner!!

We may paint this weekend but the weather has been on the verge of rain *it always seems to rain when we plan to paint* also we are going to a party at the Edison for our friend Carlos’s birthday and I don’t want to have paint all over me.Not sure if we want to be bathroomless this weekend. Either way, I am super excited about the makeover!
Sunday we did absolutely nothing. I took lazy Sunday to a new level, I watched HGTV, ate yummy Thai food *had it delivered* and vegged *I just realized it really shouldn’t be referred to as vegging out, that sounds to healthy* anyway, I vegged out on the couch all day.
Today Mr Mailman delivered my Gap order and I tried on everything with these adjectives floating around in my mind….
Sigh!! It appears that I need to spend more time using the Wii Fit and less time on the couch, eh?
I adore my new clothes but they won’t be making their debut until I drop about 10 lbs.
I am still nerding out about my Librarian chic look!!!

Still waiting for these fabulous Seychelles to arrive and Thursday I’m going to pick up my boots at Nordstrom with Aimee. I heart SALES!!!

Well, time to box and hula hoop this blubber away. Ta-tah!

2 thoughts on “Babies are sneaky…

  1. Hey, we have the same shower curtain in our guest bathroom! Love that pattern and LOVE aqua blue with brown anything.

    Doesn't having a house just suck every penny from you!? Love being a homeowner but hate it when all my savings goes to the GD house.

  2. OMG, our house is like our other child. The sucky part is I want to move so bad!! Every improvement we make is for resale value but with this market, we won't be able to sell for 5 years.

    Good taste, brown, aqua and white are my fave palette too!

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