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As promised, here’s part deux of our lovely weekend. After the Rose Bowl Flea Market, we moosied on down to good ole Beverly Hills. Every year I receive a discount for my birthday. Previous years it was a whopping 20% but this year only 15% *BOO, recession!!* Daily Candy sent me an email on Friday about the arrival of the Decorators Concept so I wanted to check it out.

I have wanted  this pillow for 2 years now, but I can’t bear to spend $88 buckaroos, even with my 15% off.
So the decorators Concept was a nook of items like wallpaper samples, rugs, curtains, hardware and lamps that would usually only be online. I like that you can see the merchandise in person but I would prefer that they had an on-site designer to answer questions and give referrals for things like paper hangers *because I know I’d end up like this
This deserves to be in my closet!! It’s my 3 fave places all in one.
Liv was like, whatever Mommy, when do we eat?

The best way to describe my mental state at this alluring store is captured accurately in this article at Salon. Overwhelming is an understatement. I knew I had a list of essentials I’ve been coveting from the sale section but I didn’t want to come off as déclassé. The salesgirl was super sweet, she was so helpful and she said we were cute. Believe it or not, this store was the awesomest one I’ve ever been to. Also, a phenomenon occured…I actually fit *well, maybe not fit* but I was able to squeeze my flab into a size 12!!! Lucille Ball was a size 12 so that’s good enough for me!!

I successfully defied physics and somehow wiggled into this skirt. I was so excited I was ready to buy it but when I saw the $118 price tag deterred me. I found some sweet things on sale and I somehow managed to spend a little less than $100 *STELLAR!!!!*

The guide:
The pitcher was a steal at $14.95 *our lemonade pitcher handle broke last weekend*
The grapefruit sugar bowl was sort of a splurge at $18 but I would be sad if it sold out and I am starting to collect birds.
The Pure & Good duo in olive has been on my wishlist so I snapped this up on sale for $19.95
The knobs are for the new vanity and storage cabinet in the Loo and the big knobby is for the pantry door.

While Antz was buying lunch we stopped in Silverlake and I couldn’t resist taking a picture with my old pal Charlie.

I’m pleased with this jump, Yay!!

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