5 Days till my birthday

Sunday is my birthday.

The original plan was Aimee was coming over and we were going to drive to Santa Barbara and eat seafood on the pier. As lovely as the drive is to SB, I’ve been there a million times. There’s no restaurant I was stoked about eating at and Antz mentioned another option that is more compelling to me.

A new sewing machine!!

Ooooh, me likey! I’ve been holding off getting a sewing machine until I had a dedicated space and now that Antz has created this lovely desk, it could work *once I get some acrylic to protect the wood.
I could finally make Liv’s pillowcase dress #9 I also love this T-shirt dress. Well some exciting MAJOR milestones have happened in the last week!!! Liv said her very first word! Of course it was DAA DAA!!!
I recorded it with my phone but, like a dope, I accidently covered the speakers so you can only hear the beginning portion of the video.
The next one isn’t so exciting, it’s downright horrible, she has gotten her first cold. LAME!! She started coughing Sunday and now she’s congested and has a runny nose. She seems to be her happy, perky self but everytime she coughs I want to cry. I’ll thank my lucky stars it’s nothing more serious. We set up her frog humidifier last night but she had to sleep with us because I wanted to nurse her all night.
She’s been eating puffs like nobody’s business, they are her favorite!!
Today we checked out the La Canada/Flintridge YMCA. I really want to enroll Liv in swimming lessons but you must be a member and it’s pricey. For a year’s membership it’s more than an annual Disneyland season pass. It’s a huge facility and Liv could go to child care while I swim laps but I need to discuss it with Anthony. The bad news bears is the pool has chlorine and I hate that stuff.

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