Busy Weekend

Saturday we spent all day shopping for bathroom supplies at Lowes and Home Depot. Totally exhausting but I am super happy we got everything we needed for much less than I budgeted for. We found the identical vanity/sink in espresso at Lowes for $168 *Home Depot was $199 and it’s available online only so we’d pay another $49 bucks for shipping* I also read reviews that folks who bought the Home Depot vanity, it took 6 weeks to arrive and once it did it was damaged. Long story short, we are satisfied with our new vanity despite the 33″ height *we pretty much will have to bend over to wash our hands but we are giants*
So after all the shopping, we packed Liv up and Antz took her to his Mommy’s house so she could babysit, while I attempted to take a nap *my Mom called, and interrupted me and Max decided it would be the perfect time to have a barkathon* Later we got all dolled up and went to the Edison *one of our fave bars* for our friend Carlos’s 30th birthday party.
I rocked my Librarian chic look
This place is so SteamPunk Antz told me all night!!!
Carlitos, the birthday boy *love the suspenders*
The soon-to-be-married couple *how cute is their wedding date, 9/10/11??!!
Los was knocking back the old fashioneds all night
I look like such a nerd, I’m embracing it!! I had a lemon drop and Antz had Stella Atrois beer, I hadn’t drank in so long that I was tipsy after one lousy drink. But we certainly had a great time. All of Carlos’s friends are pretty and I chatted with some really cool people.
Burlesque shows make me happy!!

While we were saying our goodnights, Carlos and Steph took me aside and asked me if I was shy...ummm hello?!! No way I say not understanding why they asked but they told me they would like me to officiate their wedding. FUCK, FUCKITY!!! I was screaming and crying. I felt so honored to be such an integral part of their day. I’m thinking of a million things I need to do now. Get ordained online, write my ceremony  *I can’t wait to ask if anyone objects to this wedding part*. Most importantly, I have 6 months to lose some poundage because I’ll be pissed if I bring my double chins to their wedding photos! I had this dress in mind as a guest love the flower applique

but now I need something more errr, official I suppose. Ignoring Antz recommendation for me to wear a robe and Aimee told me to dress like the Pope. Hardy har, har! I will most likely coordinate with the wedding party colors *which I need to find out* yet I need to be conservative, I’m a good Catholic girl! *wink*

So we picked up our angel and got home at 2am *which was really 3 due to daylight savings time*. We still managed to wake up around 10am and drag our asses over to the Rose Bowl flea market. I was hoping to find vintage brooches, nerdy eyeglasses, cute shabby chic accessories and old-timey letters.

It was a beautiful day so of course all of LA was there. Everywhere I looked it was Indie/Hipsters and Rockabilly chicks.
$16 bucks for admission?? We could have gone to the movies *although the only one I want to see is Sucker Punch and that doesn’t come out until the 25th*
This should have given me a hint of the circus atmosphere inside but I was sure I would find all kinds of goodies.
I picked up these glasses but now I’m feeling buyer’s remorse, if I didn’t feel so rushed and there wasn’t so much inventory to sort through, I would have made a more sound decision. I hate shopping under chaotic circumstances.
The moment we went inside it was sensory overload, there was thousands of vendors *a majority of them were pretty rude* and it was super crowded I couldn’t focus on what to buy.
It’s not a real flea market until you spot a creepy clown….shudder!
I have no idea if these were authentic Louis V. but I didn’t dare to inquire about the price, I knew it would be far too expensive for me.
I really would love a retro record player but I think I’ll play it safe with a Crosley version from Urban Outfitters because I wouldn’t have any guarantee if I bought an older version that it would work.
We bought a “B” for $3 but didn’t find anything else we liked. The flea market was awesome but overwhelming. I wish it were more often than every second Sunday of the month so it would be less crowded but I would definitely return to find furniture for our next house.

We only stayed for an hour and a half. We went to Anthropologie in Beverly Hills after but I’m sorry to say I am much to tired to post about it tonight *well, it’s after midnight* We had was a FABulous time and I bought some lovely things but I need my beauty rest so I’ll upload the pics in the morning.


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