Speaking of Birthdays….

My daughter’s 1st birthday is right around the corner. We will be celebrating the big occasion for 3 days in San Diego but I still have to go all out! So this evening Antz and I have been trolling Etsy for the FABulous 1st birthday outfit.

I am in love with these birthday themes

I am no fan of red but this Olivia party looks awesome!

I know these are for when she’s much older but I am j’adoring how cute the decor and food is!!! Speaking of food, doesn’t this look scrumptious??
Yummy, Gay pride cake!!! I have to learn how to bake this
I must make this birthday banner with her monthly photos

And I asked Antz to make these chalkboard bubbles for us to take to San Diego, soo fucking rad!!! Thank Goodness we have leftover chalkboard paint.

The pink frames… the mustaches… it’s like these people live inside my brain!!
I want to learn to make poms sooo bad!!! Martha has a tutorial but I need pretty crepe paper. I still want to decorate the hotel for her birthday. We are getting a cupcake for her to Hulk-smash. So the winners for the b-day outfit are stellar,
The bad news is, nothing really goes together *not that I’m a fan of matchy-matchy* but Antz wanted her to wear blue, I love the font of the t-shirt and we both love the birthday hat. The diaper covers will probably be nixxed in favor of ones that go more with her color scheme but the bracelet is a keeper. Pearl is her birthstone *boo, so not my favorite* so I must get her this Swarovski bracelet. I adore the balloon wreath so I may attempt to craft this guy for our house. Well, tomorrow is playdate with Aura and the Mommies. I need to get some rest because it seems that Liv’s cold is trying to make friends with me and I have some serious sniffles *LAME* I’m going even if I’m sick because I want to see the girls.
Oh yesh, I forgot to mention, BFF Aimee got a new apartment. It’s her dream apartment in the same area as her old place but her friend lives in the building and it’s much nicer than her current place *STELLAR!!* She is shitting rainbows of happiness!

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  1. Found your blog on babycenter after all the party posts! Love parties and planning, anyhow if you are talking about the tissue paper pom poms they are SUPER easy and amazing what a cool finished product. We had a fairy party and I had them everywhere- think I might make a hungry caterpillar one for my sons first birthday. The dollar store has huge packs of tissue to use for project, basically you fold it accordian style and tie in the middle, cut the ends how you want (I rounded) and then the fun part start pulling one tissue layer at a time to make puffy careful not to rip. I did most of mine 6 layers. Good luck. And if you have any good spa party ideas for a 5 year old love to see

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