Who has time to be sick?? Sadly, I had to cancel today’s playdate and now I feel a thousand times worse than if I would have gone. I am pretty sure I have a fever, stuffy head, runny nose, sore throat…itchy eyes are the lamest. I am super bummed. I had so much planned this week, tomorrow night my Mom invited me to a listening party at a club in Santa Monica. I was going to give her a haircut on Friday. I wanted to enroll Liv in swimming lessons I found online yesterday and Friday night Antz and I were going to start working on the tile floor. Not to mention shopping for my new sewing machine and checking out Aimee’s new place. I feel like certified crap and Liv is still smiling despite her horrible cough and runny nose. The cherry on the top of this miserable day is this awesome scene I walked in on in the kitchen.


It appears our water heater has decided today was the day to leak all over the floor. I have to call my friend’s plumber to get his estimate to fix the water heater. It’s ridic how all the shitty things seem to happen all at once. BOO!! I am so tired, I hardly slept last night between nursing, taking care of Liv and my own aches and pains. I want my Mommy!! She’s coming into town today. Maybe I can convince her to come by before her rehearsal.


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