I knew things were going too smooth


So I decided to liven this bathroom renovation up this morning with some DRA-MUH! Like a complete moron, I woke up this morning and said hmm, Liv’s pajamas are starting to pile up and all my lounge pants were dirty from working in the bathroom so I started a load of laundry. Happily humming and combing Liv’s hair *I was getting her dressed to take her to her Grandmothers house since I have an acupuncture appt today with lovely Gilli* I start to hear water dripping, not much but as much as if someone was using a water hose. My heart stopped!!! I immediately ran to the kitchen positive it was our new water heater *I haven’t done laundry since we got the new one* and I was prepared to be LIVID!! Nope, water heater is fine and dandy…I then look down the hallway to the bathroom and that’s when it clicked. Hello dumbass, the water backs up into the bathroom sink when you do laundry, it’s done this for years, this is why you need to spend $10k to get your plumbing repaired!

F U C K!


I pushed the panic button on the laundry and it stopped but some water already leaked onto our perfect, beautiful *back breaking* tile. I was almost scared to call Antz but he told me to throw a towel over it and not step on it. I turned the heat on high and I am praying, crossing my fingers, bartering my soul that this did not ruin our floor. I ALWAYS do shit like this. I dread when something works out so well because I am used to something going wrong. I am a jinx, I am best described as a FUCKING IDIOT!

Now I am going to my appt. and I am sad.

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