SUPER Lizzie!!

Who knew I had brains, beauty and brawn??

Yesterday I had the most blissful hour at Gilli’s and now I’m hooked so I’ll be getting treatments every Monday. I missed my lovely Gilli, she’s always comforting and destresses me. She gave me some gnarley news…she knows someone who works in kids casting so she’sgoing to hook me up with her to get Liv into the Biz!!! Super fantastic, I need to make some heatshots for her *this is me turning into a stage Mom, stop me before I enter her into a pageant*

Toddlers & Tiaras: David Perez by TheDlisted

So after a quick lunch at my Mommy in laws house, Liv and I hung out until Antz came home, then it was back to work. Sadly the morning laundry fiasco was worst than we thought, the water made the entire left side of the tile adhesive *butter* soft, so we just painted the wall where the sink and the toilet are going and we had to wait until the morning for the floor to dry. I hate waiting…we still have no toilet, folks!!!

We got an idea of our wall color but it needs another coat and paint the trim tonight. At first I was worried about the color *it looked too office building, kinda boring* but Antz has reassured me once the furniture and the accessories are in the room it will look awesome.
This morning I watched a few youtubes of how to grout and got busy. It was pretty easy peasy, again like buttering I applied it with a foam trowel and filled in the gaps. I was slow but I think I got good coverage.

See how lame that stupid pink tub looks. I can’t wait until next year when I can get it out of there!

As impressed as Antz was with my handiwork, I don’t see a future as a handywoman. My legs and arms are sore, my nails are a tragic mess and Liv was screaming her face off for an hour while I tried to hurry and finish grouting. She cried for so long she actually fell asleep standing in her crib.

I think pray we’ll be done by Friday which is perfect because Evelyn & Dion will bebesit for us while we meet our friends to see Sucker Punch. I haven’t been to the movies since Black Swan in January. Before I go, I wanna let everyone know we have been super busy with this renovation but next week Liv’s weekly pics will be posted…Ooopsies!

I also want to profess my adoration for these MEGA CUTE boots.

I’m typically not into cowboy boots…but these are rad!

I’ve been looking at the Lucchese website for these colors but no luck. The prices vary between $900 and $3000 *yep, that was my jaw that just dropped* no wonder the woman in this magazine called them her “investment”.

Poor Antzy came home from a busy day of work to paint.

The gray against that pink gives me chills *in a creepy sort of way* Blech!

He did an excellent job but I think I’ll have to paint a second coat tomorrow morning. He’s going to finish the trim tomorrow evening so we’ll finally have a toilet again, Huzzah!!

I joined Pinterest today…I’m still trying to figure out some setting issues but it’s pretty cool.

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