The Bathroom is el FIN!

Today we put the finishing touches on our bathroom makeover. We met Story & Chris at the Montrose farmers market for a quick snack *Antz had meat skewers and I had peanuts*

Spuzz was giving Liv puppy kisses but I never caught her on camera




These were the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen. We bought a little basket because whenever I buy a giant box they always spoil before we eat them.
Story & Chris gave me a belated birthday present of a $50 Anthropologie gift card *Yay!! You know I’m itching to spend it* I am thinking of applying it to my favorite $88 pillow
We had to stop by Paper Source because last night we ran out paper for the medicine cabinet.
Look how pretty it turned out!!
We can’t get over how lovely our poop room looks!!
I adore my Anthro knobs, they make our tiny sink look lovely.
Hello Antz foot!

We went to our favorite toy store, Wackos and spent forever trying to come up with which theme we were putting on the shelf over the mirror. I wanted Calveras, then I saw Gloomy Bear toys…

But Antz vetoed it and there was only 2 toys and we wanted to fill the entire space
This guy is adorable but more suitable on our bar
I almost went with the Yo Gabbs plushies but Antz reasoned that the fabric may get wet and mildew from the moisture. *Still super cute for Liv* I want to get them but they have to have the complete set!

I was sold when I found this Bride & Groom

It took some convincing for Antz but I love the Calveras/cute style of these guys and the $8 each price tag was right but they are a little smaller than we wanted.


I wanted this guy soooo bad!! It’s so fucking rad but it cost $130 and our total budget was $100 bucks. I have to buy it for our next house. Love this artist, Nathan Ota.
There was a art show going on and I LOVE these pieces!!! Too bad they were all sold.

I am no fan of Betty Boop by any means, but the artist depicted her voluptuous shape that is exactly like mine!

These pieces remind of art Antz did in college. He has a painting of Micky cheating on Minnie with Jessica Rabbit and Minnie getting her revenge with a gun in Liv’s nursery. He also has Donald Duck holding the decapitated head of Mickey while standing on a balcony of the Enchanted Castle. *Any grotesque art of Disney makes me happy!*
Antz picked out these creepy cartoon vinyl cats and we ended spending $100.97!
Here’s how they look in the bathroom.
Bathroom Makeover (20)
Now we realize how small the skeletons are we may buy a few more *I liked the Tiger, Koala and the sheep* So we are going to take a house improvement break but sometime in May we will start our veggie/herb garden. This week is going to be my lazy week *aren’t they all lazy?*
In 2 weeks Liv starts World Citizen Dance Class so that will be radness.
Peace Out!!

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