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It’s Beautiful Here Part Two

As I said in my last remodel post, our ten year old furniture was showing its age. Timing was on my side since we began the remodel in October, it was close to Black Friday sale time. I am the self proclaimed queen of shopping on a budget. Our biggest purchase was a new sectional sofa but I… Continue reading It’s Beautiful Here Part Two

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Our House Remodel Part One

We bought our house ten years ago. I have told this story many times about how we put thirteen offers on twelve different houses and each time we were outbid. After searching online, going to open houses every weekend and having my heart broken for an entire year, it was a miracle when we bought our… Continue reading Our House Remodel Part One

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Olivia’s Big Kid Bedroom Makeover

The time has come for my bebe to graduate from a nursery to a kid’s room. It was weird to see her giant body cram into her toddler bed every night so we figured it was time to makeover her room. Plus her Yo Gabba Gabba toys were taking up too much space on the tiny bed. Let… Continue reading Olivia’s Big Kid Bedroom Makeover

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Our Kitchen Remodel Part Three The Grand Reveal

We began our remodel April 8th and finished this Monday, May 13th. We learned a lot, spent a little more than our original budget but made it through the remodel with relative ease *only a few tears were shed* I searched for ages to find my metal stools. I couldn’t afford these stools from Industry… Continue reading Our Kitchen Remodel Part Three The Grand Reveal

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Happy Seven Year House Anniversary

It was drizzling when we drove our U-Haul from our old apartment into our new house in the unknown land of Highland Park back in March 2006. I had blue hair then and was a cosmetology school student. Antz had much shorter hair and we were super excited to start a new chapter in our… Continue reading Happy Seven Year House Anniversary

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Bedroom Remodel Progress

Well, this is an overdue post. I had great ambition to give our tiny bedroom a dose of Botox, a new padded bra and some ghastly lip injections. The Mood Board that started it all Our dark, uninspired bedroom in December 2011 Since I can’t afford a total facelift, I did some strategic Black Friday… Continue reading Bedroom Remodel Progress

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Holiday Cards *The RAD ones* and a surprise too!

Hello There, I’m sure holiday cards are flooding your mailbox *wow, doesn’t snail mail feels so foreign?* I absolutely loved our card this year. It was difficult to top past year’s awesomeness 2008 Pre-Olivia 2009 Preggers with Olivia 2010 Olivia’s 1st Christmas 2011 She’s a pro now! This is one AWESOME card drawn by the… Continue reading Holiday Cards *The RAD ones* and a surprise too!